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More fun with CyberXpress Internet Kiosks

      .o (( More fun with CyberXpress Internet Kiosks by plunk3tt )) o.

Steps to get root and extend time limit:

1. get R5 and deposit it (we must still pay the initial amount <DAMN>)
2. find a site that requires basic authentication
    - i used the official fk site, how ironic! :) -
    [Wizdumb: You said "ironic". I now have no choice but to kill you :P ]
3. click on the site and it will open a new internet explorer! without
   cyberXpress modifications! just press cancel and stop.
4. in address bar type c:\  and voila! Ro0t <wo0p>!
5. you are automatically logged in as a administrator! DUMB
6. open regedit.exe goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\CyberXpress\time
   and in the timelimit entry field you will see somtn like 320
7. wait till your time runs out, that means timelimit = 1.
   you will notice that the keyboard has been locked...
   but you will still be in explorer.
   now find a number somewhere (preferably a high # like 5 or so)
   and copy it.
   paste it numerous times in the timelimit field in the regestry!
   somtn like 555555 this means 55hours 55min 55sec!
8. now goto taskmngr.exe in c:\winnt\system32\ and you will
   see cyberXpress running
   end task cyberXpress and wait a minute or two...
   the system should reboot by itself! :P
   and when it has started enjoy your 55 hours of free internet.
9. as you will notice anyting can be done like
   telnet,ftp,free printing :P
10. the cyberXpress will pop up so every 20min...
    to make sure your still online
    because your not using their browser.
    if this happens simply click on the auth site
    a number of times to get it at the top again. :)

there are a few other things i've also discovered.
if you are in the cyberXpress browser.

ctrl+shift+F6  .... cyberXpress debug logon
ctrl+shift+F10 .... cyberXpress cashUp restart
ctrl+shift+F11 .... cyberXpress cashUp logon
ctrl+shift+F12 .... cyberXpress administrator logon

i've found some passwords in c:\cyberXpress\text\cashuppw.txt and in
but i phEaR it Is Ele3t0 xor encryption or smtn uncrackable :P

the password field in the dialup is saved in so with any tool like
snadboy or smtn you could easily get it! <whoop>

if you decide to publish this lame exploitation of goverment and corporate
shit that try to rob us of our basic neccesities and even letting us pay for
it... then i would appreciate it if you could just mention my name (Plunk3tt).

;p cheers!

[ Amendment by Wizdumb:

I'm not sure about the "//" bug I described last issue, but CyberXpress
definately haven't fixed the HTTP basic authentication bug described by
plunk3tt in this article. What they have done is blocked www.mdma.za.net/* on
their kiosks because it's what plunk3tt used to cause the error. Of course,
CyberXpress are forgetting the other few million sites that will cause the
same error, but I don't care, the fact that my domain is already banned on
ZA's first internet kiosks secretly makes me feel cool. ;-P ]

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