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Hacking the CyberXpress Internet Kiosk

       .o (( Hacking the CyberXpress Internet Kiosk by Wizdumb )) o.

I was quite excited to see a CyberXpress Internet Kiosk nearby my house,
this being the first "internet booth" I had seen deployed in SA (The Post
Office's PIT (Public Information Terminal) thingymabobbies are on their
way but aren't really around yet I think).

The machine runs Windows NT, and has this goofy web-browser written by
CyberXpress - or so at least, they claimed on their website. Truth be
told, they wrote a GUI, and imbedded Internet Explorer 5 into their
application el-elito VB k0der style.

And although they don't allow URL's with things like "file://", they do
seem to allow URL's with just "//".

Oh dear. I'd best shut my mouth now before it all just gets too easy.

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