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On Hacking (General)

Getting it TOGETHER
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Golden opportunities often present them-selves if you are alert enough to take
advantage of the situation. Often it is necessary for a Pirate/Hacker to simply
get lucky, and this can be enhanced if
you have your head screwed on
straight. Here are a couple of good examples of the sort of thing that I
am talking about:

1> You are at your local bank making a deposit. Ask the teller to check
your checking account balance for you. Almost all banks are now using
a computer to do this sort of thing. As she turns to the phone...STAY
ALERT...and note the phone number that she is dialing to access the records.
Also try to note when she is pausing in the dialing and try to find out either
what the access code is or at the very least the number of digits in the code.
Any Pirate/Hacker worth his floppies should be able to write a quick and dirty
routine to dial the access number and hack away at the code if you missed it.
Even if you didn't get the whole access number, at the least, strain your brain
to get those first three numbers. It will make the Hacking task MUCH easier.

 2> For those of you who are still paying to access Compuserve, my con-
dolences. Think hard...how can I get a code to use that will allow me to
play around for free???? Give up??? Try this: Go to the local Radio Shack
and act like you know nothing about computers. Ask lots of questons about
this neat as hell Color Computer. How much memory does it have???? Is this
everything that I need to play Frogger??? In other words, let the dumb
clerk tell you how much more he knows than you. When the time comes to
close the deal, be extremely cool and turn the dude/dudette off. As
you start to walk away, stop and say something like, "Oh by the way, MY
FRIEND has a computer that can talk to Compuserve. I really wanted one
that could do that."  Now at this point the dude/
dudette will jump thru
their tails to try to show you how well this CoCo can talk to Compuserve,
to the point of dragging a phone modem out and then calling Compuserve
using Radio Shacks very own password and account number. While they are
doing this, your mission,should you accept it, is to remember that
account number and password. Be alert. If you missed it, ask if it is hard
to get hooked up and make them do it again and PAY ATTENTION!!!! It is
very worthwhile!!! (P.S. This will definitely work...believe me...)

3> School computers are interesting and may even come in handy if you
are alert enough to gain access. Schools are notoriously lax in security,
so the task isn't usually to difficult. Talk to one of your class mates
that works in the office. Build them up about being really cool sittin'
there with the computer at their mercy. Ask how they got to work in the
office. Be interested and BE SINCERE. The first few times that you are
working on the scam, don't even mention the computer, but eventually lead
the conversation in that direction and then ask if maybe you could see
the computer sometime. If you have laid the proper groundwork, the person
will feel that they have to show you just how smart they are and
generally they will lead you right to what it is that you wanted.

Why go thru all these gimmicks when all you really need is a phone number???
The greatest danger to a hacker, is when you are actually hacking!
If there is a way to get the information without any danger, why not take
advantage of the situation??? You will find that people will respond nicely
if you a) build them up to a ridiculous level and then b) make them prove
how bright they are. In trying to impress you they forget all about the
original objective, namely, protecting the access to their system. This is
a simple scam that has worked since the first EGO was invented. It is a
simple bait-and-switch. Show'em this while you steal that!!!

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