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H.A.C.K. #9

*                                     *
*  H.acking A.nd C.omputer K.rashing  *
*                                     *
*            VOLUME NINE.             *
*                                     *
           * by Grey Wolf *
           * Sept/21/1984 *
H.A.C.K. Attack!  And so we arrive
at this, the 9th volume of HACK.
We will discuss some MORE true & tested
techniques and venture forth into some
new material never-before shown
anywhere else!
O.K.  Here we go...
Can't afford a blue box? Don't have
a Cat? Then this one is for you.
The little plasic whistles in Captain
Crunch cereal blow a perfect 2600 hz.
Right in your cabinet is your
un-suspecting tool of the trade: 2600hz
whistles. And right under your nose!
This'll teach you a little bit about
a net-worked computer system, in this
case, a national one.
Call 212-986-1660 and you will get
a carrier connect at 300, some of
them take 1200. Anyway, it will
ask you for your name & if you are
new, it will start telling you what
a great system it is. Now let it finish
and think of a password. Then hang
up and call another # on the same
net-work, such as 516-794-1707, and
type in the same name you used in the
other dialup ^above^. Then type in
the password you selected above.
It will come back at you with the
standard We-Welcome-You message.
Now even though these two are in
different area codes & states and
might even be on opposite sides of
the USA, it transmited your name
and pw from >here to <there.
Increadable, isn't it.
Compu-Serve, The Source, EasyLink,
and some others are all net-worked.
Here is the whole list of numbers
that belong to the NW mentioned above:
A list of CompuServe dialups was in
appeared in volume 5, I think.
Leave e>mail to me for national listing
of EasyLink Dialups. I don't have all
the Source's, though.
I discussed this one before, but some
new material has surfaced since then.
Remember good-old Record-A-Voice? The
one you can call up, hit 7, and hear
yourself? The one used by line men to
test the line equipment?
Well, here it is:
 Record-A-Voice     816-391-1122
commands (touch-tone):
             1 - toggle tone on/off
             3 - rewind and play
             4 - stop
             7 - play
Sounds alot like a tape recorder,
doesnt it? -Guess what it really is?
Really called 'Voice Of Chester', this
one is really old, and sometimes
doesn't work, but here goes...
206-641-2381. After the call is
completed, hit 1 on a tone fone three
times as in 111 for a directory of
the recordings available. listen for
click or buzz after each digit
Here are some-
 107, 108 - Marx Brothers
 183, 184 - Wizard of Oz
Go for it.
Credit Cards. The easiest form of
ripping-of-the-other-guy, as it is
sometimes called, also carries the
stiffest fines, but there is a way
around that.
First, you need a CC #. These can be
found easily in almost any store, but
the clothing section of any department
store is usually the easiest. Just go
to the trash barrel, and look for all
those little rectangular pieces of
paper, usually yellow, depending on
the store, and take them. If you feel
brave, take the whole [damn] bag! But
I wouldn't recommend this.
And there you have it, a CC #, or two
or three, but you can expect to rake
in 30-40 if you take a bag...
Now never use these in person, always
over-the-fone or by mail. The main
idea behind this is that if you aren't
really there, they can't keep you
there and arrest you. Now watch out
for my up-coming artical: CC FRAUD.
It will include the basic way to go
about USING your new-found CC
number(s). Watch for it!
Well, that wraps it up for volume IX,
watch for volume X (ten), coming soon
to an AE or BBS in YOUR exchange!
of course if it isn't, just dial
1-800-547-6754, then 986113 or 986115,
then the area code + number to dial.
I'd like to thank Capt. Hack and
The War of C/O/H/A/G for parts of the
information presented here. Their
field work is invaluable.
When volume ten comes out, that will
be it for a while, or at least until
I get enough requests from enough
people like 30-40.
Well, see ya in volume ten!
                --=%> Grey Wolf <%=--
                        of the
                     <AT HA<KERS
                    and, of course
Au revoir!

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