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The Definitive Guide to Hacking the Government

      Hack Gov. The Difinitive guide to hacking the government.

 Well first of all you should be careful hacking the gov is a very very
dangerous thing to do. first let me give you a brief history of government and large 
industrie hacking. Well I think it started with a guy named Shadow Hawk who 
was cought braging on a texas bbs about how he had broken into At&t unfortunatly an at&t security
agent was on at the very time and cought him. He had also broken into NATO and the AIr Force. Then
some German hackers broke into NASA's Physic's center main computer. then some 13 year olds
had broken into the pentagons computers.
Ok so now you know that the fuckas of da gov catch most hackers who break in. The Pentagon last year had 23 breakins last year and all the hackers were cought. 
 Ok the first thing you gotta do is get the information about what you want to hack, such as Telnet adress's
phone numbas security the most minor detail can really help, For instance nasa for some reason no matta what
when you telnet to nasa's main computers all address have .gsfc.nasa.gov in it no matter what. I know a couple nasa
telnet address's (xfiles.gsfc.nasa.gov phys.gsfc.nasa.gov and kernel.gsfc.nasa.gov) the way I got these is 
i found some e-mail from nasa's shipping department with these address's on it. also i found three logins that way such as
klondike@kernel.gsfc.nasa.gov So klondike would be a login. Maybe goto the chamber of commerse and look through there trash
you would amased at what they throw away. Password files. E-mails with important information on them. Hell I once confiscated 
a piece of e-mail that was thrown away that had an entire networks decrypted password file. so look in the trash 
You will be amazed at what you find. You could look for disks just hangin around in places.
Ok well know you might need a password. I explainded above some methods but here are others.
Well most passwords are thought of by the person. but most high tech systems like the Pentagons and Cia's main computers create passwords 
for you. Here is an example ADV320!8 so instead of one it is !. Obtaining a password from one of these hightech system is difficult.
So there is a hightech way of getting passwords and an unhightech way of doing this.
The hightech way of doing this is very hard. If happen to stumbel apon there password file you can download it and decrypt it. But very few decrypters
can decrypters can decrypt such passwd files there are decrytpers that take 60 years to decrypt big passwd files the government uses a universal encrypter that cost 12,000 dollars to by. Or you could run it through hex and decrypt it.
The unhightech way of doing it faster and eisier but more dangerous. SOCIAL ENGINEERING.There are lots of ways of doing this one is Go on an irc chat line
go on the channel #Hackers or #warez  In those channels are a lot of elite hackers (Just wanna say Hi to my friend Q and AbovDaLaw) anyways
you give these hackers information that they don't know and in return they will give information that you could use. Become friends with them
but don't ask right away cause they'll think your a lamer. I should warn you that there are a lot of secret agents snooping there all over the place 
so becareful of who you talk to. An other of getting a password is e-mailing somebody from the system and saying that your somebody of high power
and you lost your password. Here is an example: "Hey this is charlie (or whoever) for some reason I can't get back on my account and there's a file i need to download 
the sysop said that i could use your account to get these files so please send me your password and login." Or a way you could get somebodys credit card number is
"Dear user of AOL we are sorry to announce that somebody has been tanmpering with our servers becuase of this we need to check everybody's account for a bug again we are sorry
we need your login password and credit card number. You will be rewarded 50% of your bill this month. Sorry and thank you for using Amarica On-line"
Ok so know that you gott the password what do you do when your in. This is were the fun starts. Well there are two types of hackers Selfish hackers who do it
simple to get money. And pure hackers who do it for the benafit for all hackers. Here is what a pure hacker does. Once your in you can do a lot of things like
download there password file screw it up and then reupload it then everybody is screwed but thats only if your on an high access account. If your on a low level
acount you can cause out the sysops. Delete your directory, or find the information you looking for. this information would be located in ftp. so instead of xfiles.gsfc.nasa.gov
it would be ftp.xfiles.gsfc.nasa.gov once in there look for the directory's like  ECT.. SYS.. or things like GFH#$.. IS12.. What to do once your in is really up to the hacker.
How to not get cought. Well my best advise is not to hack from your home machine here are a couple of reasons. They can trace it back to your phone number. If they come to your house 
they will find your files, and so on. Goto your local library or university and hack from there. Ok the gov has a great program called Crypt Keeper which actually lets them see
your computer screen and so they can easily prove that you did it. But there's a glitch it doesn't work with interlace monitors so when doing this type of hacking use an interlace monitor.

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