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Hacking Notes 2

...................Hacking Notes........................
 telenet: telenet os prompt for enter command is @:and use should use
some commands that u read up on like help,root,games,cu this command dials other networks in 
telenet and when u get login prompt:is is usaully the persons name or some known maitnance like :sysop
sysadmin and when u put sysadmin on telnet it takes u to the sysadmin login and u have to be carefull of what u do
but u can'nt get into troublejust logging in and theses  logins r usualyy superuesrs,so it is going to be hard unless u have undoubtably
alread y had access to the system before in superuser which seriously doubt it.so this brigs us to the point
where im goig to give u sume other notes on hacing from my personal notes.:::

personal notes::telnet:::::::::let it be known that if u have trouble trying to figure out how to connect to telnet
.well im going to help u by telling u that  u can connect to telnet in 3 easy way'z ok.

1st. is u have to go to MS dos prompt and type telnet and as an example and hit enter and it will begin to connect unless u dont have the telnet client to which u can just open on your system.
and also if u have any Ip addresses that u want to finger or hack or any obseen behavior,well just type the Ip address in the remote host box,and see if it will connect to that address and if it does u have an chance to hack it
if u want too.but some helpful advice when hacking an Ip and u get in be careful as to look for an log file.that file has logged u and be sure they have not echoed the  log to so they canstill have proof that u hacked it and taht they have info on u so be careful.
And also when u hack an Ip or have been issued an challenge to hack it well when u get in,copy some kind of file or edit the passwd file so that u can have access to it anytime.well that's all for this now let's move on......

2nd.an important thing u have to remember is port's telnet and telenet have different ports to log into and
if u r connecting to an port on telnet im going to give u a couple ports for u to make notes of ok. well when u connect to port 79 u r connected to an finger port which u can finger anybody with their Ip or email address;both.and when u finger someone that means that u are getting access to info on that person
like their phone number address and name,etc. u get the picture.but if the persons Ip or or email is invalid u have gotten a fake identity which most hackerz do to stop people from getting on their system and lots of other people do it too. cause they supposabably think that it will stop us
and here's some other ports to connect to: 23,50,25 and sume superuser's ports :sysadmin,sysop,sysops,and u can use some of the following commands to get info on login prompt if system excepts command's:help:for help on getting through system etc,root:gives u root access to the sysdirectory,telemail:mail;chat;chat wit others so to keep an low profile.and that's all for now.

3rd.exploits:well,i know u're probably saying what is an exploit.well an exploit is an very highly used program and etc.to give u info getting into the system or let's u get into the system by entering the info in the spaces and
gives u real easy access to where to attack and like security holes.and so basically it helps u hack or does hack for u with the knowledge it provides and u can find exploits on hacker sites and im going to give u one site u can go to for exploit and other useful hacking tool'z text.: just follow the link members.xoom.com/~Laura/LauraHacker.html and if url is wrong just go to the main page of xoom members and search that name.
and now this ends my hacking notes well,it doesnt end it but im getting tired im going to add more so if u want to catch up with me i hang out on mirc #HaCkErHiDeOuT THAT'Z MY CHANNEL AND I HANG OUT WITH all my hacker friends to also on #RAVENzflock.
so use this for informational purposes only and im not responsible for what u do with this info after u leave this document so dont call me if u're in trouble,well u can and for any curious mind'z im Encrypt AND U CAN CATCH ME ON THOSE channelz thanx for reading. it inhances your hacker mind in u.

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