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How to Hack - Information for Newbies 2/2

From: Harlequin <harlequin@fnord.org.uk>
Expires: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 12:00:00 GMT
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:01:44 GMT


A. What is phreaking

[Don't do this unless you don't mind breaking federal law.  This kinda
goes back to not breaking into government computers.  DON'T DO THIS
[Personally, I think that a government is likely to put far more
resources into tracking the source of such computer breaches than into
pursuing persons fiddling with the telephone system, even if similar
laws might be violated. H.]

        Phreaking is basically hacking with a telephone. Using different
"boxes" and "tricks" to manipulate the phone companies and their phones,
you gain many things, two of which are: knowledge about telephones and
how they work, and free local and long distance phone calls. In the
following sections, you will learn some about boxes, what they are, and
how they work. You will also learn about the other forms of phreaking.

B. Why phreak?

        Phreaking, like hacking, is used to gather information about
telephones, telephone companies, and how they work. There are other
benefits as well. As stated above, you also get free phone calls. But,
these are used mainly to gather more information about the phones, and
to allow us free access to all information.

C. Phreaking rules

        Most of the same rules apply for hacking and phreaking, so I
will only list a few here.

1.      Never box over your home phone line.
2.      You should never talk about phreaking projects over your home
        phone line.
3.      Never use your real name when phreaking.
4.      Be careful who you tell about your phreaking projects.
5.      Never leave phreaking materials out in the open. Keep them in
        a safe place.
6.      Don't get caught.

D. Where and how to start phreaking

        Well, you can phreak on any telephone, but as stated above, it
is very stupid to do so on your home phone line.
        First you need you need to construct the boxes needed for what
you want to do. All of the boxes and their descriptions are listed in
the next section. Most of the boxes are very easy to make, but if your
not into making shit, there are usually alternative ways of making

E. Boxes and what they do

Box:                            Description:

Red Box                         generates tones for free phone calls
Black Box                       when called, caller pays nothing
Beige Box                       lineman's handset
Green Box                       generates coin return tones
Cheese Box                      turns your phone into a payphone
Acrylic Box                     steal 3-way calling and other services
Aqua Box                        stops F.B.I. lock-in-trace
Blast Box                       phone microphone amplifier
Blotto Box                      shorts out all phones in your area
Blue Box                        generates 2600hz tone
Brown Box                       creates party line
Bud Box                         tap neighbors phone
Chatreuse Box                   use electricity from phone
Chrome Box                      manipulates traffic signals
Clear Box                       free calls
Color Box                       phone conversation recorder
Copper Box                      causes crosstalk interference
Crimson Box                     hold button
Dark Box                        re-route calls
Dayglo Box                      connect to neighbors phone line
Divertor Box                    re-route calls
DLOC Box                        create party line
Gold Box                        dialout router
Infinity Box                    remote activated phone tap
Jack Box                        touch-tone key pad
Light Box                       in-use light
Lunch Box                       AM transmitter
Magenta Box                     connect remote phone line to another
Mauve Box                       phone tap without cutting into the
Neon Box                        external microphone
Noise Box                       creates line noise
Olive Box                       external ringer
Party Box                       creates party line
Pearl Box                       tone generator
Pink Box                        creates party line
Purple Box                      hold button
Rainbow Box                     kill trace
Razz Box                        tap neighbors phone
Rock Box                        add music to phone line
Scarlet Box                     causes interference
Silver Box                      create DTMF tones for A,B,C, and D
Static Box                      raises voltage on phone line
Switch Box                      add services
Tan Box                         phone conversation recorder
TV Cable Box                    see sound waves on TV
Urine Box                       create disturbance on phone headset
Violet Box                      stop payphone from hanging up
White Box                       DTMF key pad
Yellow Box                      add line extension

F. Box Plans

        The Red Box is the main tool that you will use so I have
included the Red Box plans. The other box plans can be downloaded from
the Internet.

Red Box:

        There are two ways that you can make a Red Box:

        One is to go to Radio Shack and buy a tone dialer and a
6.5536Mhz crystal.(If Radio Shack doesn't have the crystal, you can
order them from the electronics companies that I have listed at the end
of this section.) Open up the tone dialer and replace the existing
crystal (big, shiny, metal thing labeled "3.579545Mhz") with the
6.5536Mhz crystal. Now, close it up. You have a red box.
        To use it for long distance calls play the tones that add up to
the amount of money that the operator requests. For a 25 cents tone
press 5 *'s. For a 10 cents tone press 3 *'s. For a 5 cents tone press 1
        And, the second way, which is a much easier method, is to get
the Red Box tones from a phreaking program, such as: Omnibox, or Fear's
Phreaker Tools. Play the tones as you hold a microcassette recorder
about 1-inch away from your computer speakers, and record the tones.
        The Red Box only works on public telephones, it does not work on
COCOT's.(Defined in next section.) It makes the telephone think that you
have put money in. Red Boxes do not work on local calls because the
phone is not using ACTS (Automated Coin Toll System), unless you call
the operator and have her place the call for you. You tell her the
number that you want to dial and then when she asks you to put in your
money, play the tones. If she asks you why you need her to place the
call tell her that one of the buttons is smashed in or something like
that. You now have and know how to use a Red Box!

Electronics Companies:

2300 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408)943-9774  -Voice-
(408)943-9776  -Fax-

Blue Saguaro
P.O. Box 37061
Tucson, AZ 85740


Unicorn Electronics
10000 Canoga Ave. Unit C-2
Chatsworth, CA 91311

G. Free calling from COCOT's

        First of all, COCOT stands for "Customer Owned Customer Operated
Telephone". These are most likely to be found at resteraunts, amusement
parks, etc.
        All you have to do to make a free call from a COCOT is dial a
1-800 number (they let you do this for free), say some bullshit and get
them to hang up on you. Stay on the line after they hang up, then dial
the number that you want to call.
        This may not work by the time you read this because COCOT owners
are becoming more aware of us every day.

H. ANAC numbers

        ANAC stands for "Automated Number Announcment Circuit". In other
words, you call the ANAC number in your area and it tells you the number
that you are calling from. This is useful when Beige Boxing, or hooking
your modem up to other phone lines, to find out what number you are
using. The "?" are substituted for unknown numbers. Do some scanning to
find them out. Here are the ANAC numbers for the U.S.A. with their area
code, and the only one I knew of in the U.K.:


Area Code:                              ANAC Number:

201                                     958
202                                     811
203                                     970
205                                     300-222-2222
205                                     300-555-5555
205                                     300-648-1111
205                                     300-765-4321
205                                     300-798-1111
205                                     300-833-3333
205                                     557-2311
205                                     811
205                                     841-1111
205                                     908-222-2222
206                                     411
207                                     958
209                                     830-2121
209                                     211-9779
210                                     830
212                                     958
213                                     114
213                                     1223
213                                     211-2345
213                                     211-2346
213                                     760-2???
213                                     61056
214                                     570
214                                     790
214                                     970-222-2222
214                                     970-611-1111
215                                     410-????
215                                     511
215                                     958
216                                     200-????
216                                     331
216                                     959-9968
217                                     200-???-????
219                                     550
219                                     559
301                                     958-9968
310                                     114
310                                     1223
310                                     211-2345
310                                     211-2346
312                                     200
312                                     290
312                                     1-200-8825
312                                     1-200-555-1212
313                                     200-200-2002
313                                     200-222-2222
313                                     200-???-????
313                                     200200200200200
314                                     410-????
315                                     953
315                                     958
315                                     998
317                                     310-222-2222
317                                     559-222-2222
317                                     743-1218
334                                     5572411
334                                     5572311
401                                     200-200-4444
401                                     222-2222
402                                     311
404                                     311
404                                     940-???-????
404                                     940
405                                     890-7777777
405                                     897
407                                     200-222-2222
408                                     300-???-????
408                                     760
408                                     940
409                                     951
409                                     970-????
410                                     200-6969
410                                     200-555-1212
410                                     811
412                                     711-6633
412                                     711-4411
412                                     999-????
413                                     958
413                                     200-555-5555
414                                     330-2234
415                                     200-555-1212
415                                     211-2111
415                                     2222
415                                     640
415                                     760-2878
415                                     7600-2222
419                                     311
502                                     200-2222222
502                                     997-555-1212
503                                     611
503                                     999
504                                     99882233
504                                     201-269-1111
504                                     998
504                                     99851-0000000000
508                                     958
508                                     200-222-1234
508                                     200-222-2222
508                                     26011
509                                     560
510                                     760-1111
512                                     830
512                                     970-????
515                                     5463
515                                     811
516                                     958
516                                     968
517                                     200-222-2222
517                                     200200200200200
518                                     511
518                                     997
518                                     998
603                                     200-222-2222
606                                     997-555-1212
606                                     711
607                                     993
609                                     958
610                                     958
610                                     958-4100
[Note from Bachrach: plain 958 does nothing, 958-4100 works. Also 511
works in some areas. H.]
612                                     511
614                                     200
614                                     517
615                                     200200200200200
615                                     2002222222
615                                     830
616                                     200-222-2222
617                                     200-222-1234
617                                     200-222-2222
617                                     200-444-4444
617                                     220-2622
617                                     958
618                                     200-???-????
618                                     930
619                                     211-2001
619                                     211-2121
703                                     811
704                                     311
707                                     211-2222
708                                     1-200-555-1212
708                                     1-200-8825
708                                     200-6153
708                                     724-9951
708                                     356-9646
713                                     380
713                                     970-????
713                                     811
714                                     114
714                                     211-2121
714                                     211-2222
716                                     511
716                                     990
717                                     958
718                                     958
802                                     2-222-222-2222
802                                     200-222-2222
802                                     1-700-222-2222
802                                     111-2222
805                                     114
805                                     211-2345
805                                     211-2346
805                                     830
806                                     970-????
810                                     200200200200200
812                                     410-555-1212
813                                     311
815                                     200-???-????
817                                     290
817                                     211
818                                     970-611-1111
818                                     1223
818                                     211-2345
903                                     211-2346
904                                     970-611-1111
906                                     200-222-222
907                                     1-200-222-2222
907                                     811
908                                     958
910                                     200
910                                     311
910                                     988
914                                     990-1111
915                                     970-????
916                                     211-2222
916                                     461
919                                     200
919                                     711


[From citizenkane: [...] the ANAC number for telephones in the UK connected to cable
telephone systems[ ...] is 1579. The 175 number given in your article
only works on BT lines. H.]


A. Hacking and phreaking WWW. sites

        Here is a list of some World Wide Web sites that contain
hacking, phreaking, computer, virus, carding, security, etc. material:

Site Address:

http://www.outerlimits.net/lordsome/index.html (Hacker's Layer)
http://web2.airmail.net/km/hfiles/free.htm     (Hacker's Hideout)
http://www.2600.com                                     (alt.2600)
http://lOpht.com (lOpht)

B. Good hacking and phreaking text files

        All of these files are available by download from the

File Name:

A Novice's Guide To Hacking
Alt.2600 Hack Faq
The Hacker's Handbook
The Official Phreaker's Manual
Rainbow Books (Listed in Section D.)
The Hacker Crackdown
Computer Hackers: Rebels With A Cause
The Legion Of Doom Technical Journals
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Hacking And Phreaking (Of course!)

C. Hacking and phreaking Newsgroups


D. Rainbow Books

        The Rainbow Books are a series of government evaluations on
various things related to computer system security. You can get all of
the existing Rainbow Books free and if you ask to be put on their
mailing list you will get each new one as it comes out. Just write to
the address or call the number below:

Infosec Awareness Division
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000

or call:

        Here is the list of all the Rainbow Books and their

Color:                          Description:

Orange 1                        D.O.D. Trusted Computer Systems
Green                           D.O.D. Password Management
Yellow                          Computer Security Requirements
Yellow 2                        Computer Security Requirements
Tan                             Understanding Audit In Trusted Systems
Bright Blue                     Trusted Product Evaluation
Neon Orange                     Understanding Discretionary Access
Teal Green                      Glossary Of Computer Terms
Orange 2                        Understanding Configurations
Red                             Interpretation Of Evaluation
Burgundy                        Understanding Design Documentation
Dark Lavender                   Understanding Trusted Distrobution
Venice Blue                     Computer Security Sub-Systems
Aqua                            Understanding Security Modeling
Dark Red                        Interpretations Of Environments
Pink                            Rating Maintenence Phase
Purple                          Formal Verification Systems
Brown                           Understanding Trusted Facilities
Yellow-Green                    Writing Trusted Facility Manuals
Light Blue                      Understanding Identification And
                                  Authentication In Trusted Systems
Blue                            Product Evaluation Questionaire
Gray                            Selecting Access Control List
Lavander                        Data Base Management Interpretation
Yellow 3                        Understanding Trusted Recovery
Bright Orange                   Understanding Security Testing
Purple 1                        Guide To System Procurement
Purple 2                        Guide To System Procurement
Purple 3                        Guide To System Procurement
Purple 4                        Guide To System Procurement
Green                           Understanding Data Remanence
Hot Peach                       Writing Security Features
Turquiose                       Understanding Information Security
Violet                          Controlled Access Protection
Light Pink                      Understanding Covert Channels

E. Cool hacking and phreaking magazines

Phrack Magazine
2600 Magazine
Blacklisted! 411
(Subscriptions from: blacklisted! 411 magazine subscription department,
P.O. Box 2506)
Cypress, CA 90630
Tap Magazine
Phantasy Magazine

F. Hacking and phreaking movies


War Games

G. Hacking and phreaking Gopher sites



H. Hacking and phreaking Ftp sites



I. Hacking and phreaking BBS's

        BBS's are Bulletin Board Systems on which hackers and phreakers
can post messages to each other. Here is a list of some BBS's that I
know of. If you know of any other BBS's, please E-Mail me via the A.S.H.
E-Mail address. Also, Please note that some of these may be old and not

Area Code:              Phone Number:           Name:

203                     832-8441              Rune Stone
210                     493-9975              The Truth Sayer's Domain
303                     343-4053              Hacker's Haven
315                     656-5135              Independent Nation
315                     656-5135              UtOPiA
617                     855-2923              Maas-Neotek
708                     676-9855              Apocalypse 2000
713                     579-2276              KOdE AbOdE
806                     747-0802              Static Line
908                     526-4384              Area 51
502                     499-8933              Blitzkrieg
510                     935-5845              ...Screaming Electron
408                     747-0778              The Shrine
708                     459-7267              The Hell Pit
415                     345-2134               Castle Brass
415                     697-1320               7 Gates Of Hell

J. Cool hackers and phreakers

        Yes there are many, many, cool hackers and phreakers out there,
but these are some that helped me to get this file out on the Internet.
I did not list a few people because I only knew their real name, and I
don't want to use their real name without their permission.


Silicon Toad
Logik Bomb/Net Assasin
Lord Somer

        Thanks for your help guys.

K. Hacker's Manifesto

        "This is our world now...the world of the electron and the
switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already
existing without paying for what could be dirt cheep if it wasn't run by
profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore...and you
call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality,
without religious bias...and you call us criminals. You build atomic
bombs, wage wars, murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us
believe it is for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a
criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging
people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is
that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. I
am a hacker and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but
you can't stop us all...after all, we're all alike."

                                +++The Mentor+++

K. Happy hacking!

        Be careful and have fun. Remember to keep your eye out for the
next volume of The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Hacking And Phreaking
and the Legion Of the Apocalypse W.W.W. page. Oh, and keep looking for
our on-line magazine, too, it should be coming out soon. Well, I hope
you enjoyed the file and found it informative. I also hope that I helped
get you started in hacking and phreaking.

                       "The Revelation is here."



Additional (from Lord Eros):
While reading this file I noticed that some of the area codes listed
below for CT have been modified...Some are still 203...some have been
changed to 860....I'll edit the ones that are changed....

>        Here is the list of all the Telenet dialups that I know of in
>the U.S.A., including the city, state, and area code:
>STATE,CITY:                     AREA CODE:
>CT, Bridgeport          203                             335-5055
>CT, Danbury                     203                          794-9075
>CT, Hartford          {860}                             247-9479
>CT, Middletown       {860}                           344-8217
>CT, New Britain       {860}                            225-7027
>CT, New Haven           203                             624-5954
>CT, New London         {860}                             447-8455
>CT, Norwalk                     203                         866-7404
>CT, Stamford            203                             348-0787
>CT, Waterbury           203                             753-4512

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