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Stupid MS-DOS Tricks #931

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:File Intro:
This one is straight ^k'd from one of the POFD journal issues that never was
released, heh, I wrote this file in '98, thought it was cute... 

 So, You're tired of seeing that same thing at start up (on your 486, of 
course, hehe)? Well, here's a little tip to 'personalize' that stupid thing
that says, "Starting MS-DOS...", and the ol' "MS-DOS Version x.x" thing too.
I know, I know, this one is easy right? Well, if you're just getting into
the h4x0r scene, and you need something sp00fy on your win95 box, then here's
a g00d one for you. Now, All you'll need is a Hex-Editor. I recommend Hex-Edit
since, well, thats what I got at the moment (there are MANY better types of
hex-editors out there, but Iam teaching you how to do it with Hex-Edit). Kay,
bring up the MS-DOS prompt in Windows, if it shows a big window, and you want
to look elite, then hold down alt and press return, tada! Back to the subject,
at the dos prompt, go to your wh00t directory (c:\) by typing cd.. or type
'cd' and if it says "c:\" then, you're already there. Now, type in "attrib
-h -r -s io.sys" (what this does is makes it so you can copy io.sys). Now
make a directory that you would like to work in (you should do this before
hand, but heh, I suck, so it doesn't matter). Lets say that the directory you
wanted to work in is called 'CRACK' so make it by typing "mkdir crack". You
must be feeling really scared now, huh? Because you can't startup DOS if you
dont have io.sys +s'd (who cares anyway, you elite h4x0r, you). Now, we copy
io.sys to your 'CRACK' directory by typing in "copy io.sys c:\crack". Okay,
now type in "attrib +h +r +s io.sys", this will fix the booboo that you were
so scared of. Now, get in your "CRACK" directory, I assume that you have HEX-
EDIT already in there, if not, then put all of the HEX-EDIT files in there...
NOW! Cool, I made you fjear. Hehe. Kay, Now, type in "he io.sys". You should
get some shit that comes up writtin in ALL hex (with the txt version on the
side, cute,huh?). I could make things hard for you, but I wont. All you have
to do is press F3 and you should get a search string thing there on the bottom
of your screen. Type in "Starting MS-DOS" in this area and press return. You
should have something like, "One result - press any key". Well, what are you
waiting for? Press any key damnit! Now, look on the side and find where it is
written. It should be rather easy to spot. It WONT have the three .'s so, I
wont teach you how to get rid of that. Anyways, You can type whatever you want
in this area, as long as its 15 letters or less. What I mean is type OVER the
"Starting MS-DOS" area exactly, if you dont want to use that much letters then
just press the space bar until the whole thing (Starting MS-DOS) is covered.
Thats it! You did it, now wipe the sweat from your forehead and rejoice! Now,
the hard part, testing. Go back to your wh00t directory, type in "attrib -r
-s -h io.sys" (why did i tell to you fix it up?, hmmm. oh well), now rename it
to something like io.txt or something, this is your back up (hehe). Okay, now
go back to 'C:\Crack' by typing 'cd c:\crack'. Type in "copy io.sys c:\". Now
go back to your wh00t directory and type in "attrib +h +s +r io.sys". Now all
this did was fix the "Starting MS-DOS..." thing upon startup. Now, On to the
fix for the "MS-DOS Version x.x" bullshit. Go to your DOS directory and type
in "copy command.com c:\crack", if you dont know, this copies command.com to
your trusty "CRACK" directory. Now, type in "cd c:\crack" to get back to it,
your "CRACK" directory, I mean. Now, type in "he command.com". You should get
that fimiliar screen and now, you'll once again press F3 and for the search
string, you'll type in "MS-DOS", you're first result is the one (oh no! Its
NEO! The one!). Now, you can do the same thing here, just as long it fully
cover's the 'Microsoft MS-DOS Vx.x' (yadda yadda yadda) crap. Here's an example
screen for a hex edited (is that a word?) Command.com, hehe.

+-[Editing: C:\HEX\COMMAND.COM]-----------------------------[HexEdit 2.1]------+
 Found:     1/11            Changes : 0              Mask:Off  Mode:C  Page:1 
 Current Sector:          16(00000010)    Byte:       8600(00002198)          
 Total Sectors :         106(0000006A)   Bytes:      54644(0000D574)          
00- 00 00 00 80 00 00 00 00-00 00 02 00 46 22 4E 22 -00-           F"N" -00 
01- 01 2F 43 00 00 00 02 00-46 22 4E 22 01 2F 4D 53 -01- /C    F"N"/MS -01 
02- 47 00 00 00 02 00 46 22-4E 22 01 2F 3F 00 00 00 -02- G    F"N"/?    -02 
03- 02 00 46 22 4E 22 01 2F-4B 00 00 00 02 00 46 22 -03-  F"N"/K    F" -03 
04- 4E 22 01 2F 59 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 -04- N"/Y            -04 
05- 00 00 00 17 49 6E 63 6F-72 72 65 63 74 20 44 4F -05-    Incorrect DO -05 
06- 53 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F-6E 0D 0A 1A 4F 75 74 20 -06- S version Out  -06  
07- 6F 66 20 65 6E 76 69 72-6F 6E 6D 65 6E 74 20 73 -07- of environment s -07 
08- 70 61 63 65 0D 0A 5E 0D-0A 0D 0A 4B 65 79 20 50 -08- pace^ Key P -08      
09- 75 6C 73 65 28 52 29 20-4D 53 2D 44 4F 53 28 52 -09- ulse(R) MS-DOS(R -09 
0A- 29 20 56 65 72 73 69 6F-6E 20 36 2E 32 32 0D 0A -0A- ) Version 6.22-0A    
0B- 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20-20 20 20 20 20 28 43 29 -0B-              (C) -0B 
0C- 43 6F 70 79 72 69 67 68-74 20 42 6C 61 63 6B 20 -0C- Copyright Black  -0C 
0D- 53 68 65 65 70 20 43 72-65 77 20 28 63 29 32 30 -0D- Sheep Crew (c)20 -0D 
0E- 30 30 2E 0D 0A 28 53 70-65 63 69 66 69 65 64 20 -0E- 00.(Specified  -0E   
0F- 43 4F 4D 4D 41 4E 44 20-73 65 61 72 63 68 20 64 -0F- COMMAND search d -0F 
  F1:Help  F2/SF2:Jump  F3:Search  F4:Srch/Rep  F8:Mask  F9:Mode  ESC:Exit    
   Alt keys:  A:Ascii  B:Base  C:Config  S:Shell  X:Abort!  T:Text  U:Undo    

Tada, you did it, now throw this sucker in your wh00t directory and reb00t. You 
SHOULD be somewhat 'pleased' with what you see, if NOT then, you're fucked. send
me some email if you accidentally fux0r up your comp. and I'll try to help you.
                         -Cuebiz (c00l d00d!)

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