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"Miskatonic University Learning Guides" #3 - advice for beginning hackers

Here is a small artile I wrote this is going specifically to all
the newbie's ,aoler's and idiots out there.

                 Miskatonic University Learning Guides
                             Issue # 3

                        The Rules of the Game.
        In learning to be or are a hacker you should there are some guidelines
for you to learn and live by.  These are imparted to you to help you become a
better hacker and to protect your livelyhood.  From personal experiences and 
from files I have read I have formed these rules for you to use.
                Conservative Man's Guidelines for Hacking.

(1) When possible bid your time.
        This means never rush anything that can give you away.  I personaly
    was almost got in serious trouble because I got to anxious.  I got off
    luckely.  Keep hacking to a hunter and prey game.  Learn to be very
    cautious and to carefully stalk your target.

(2) Keep invisible.
        Never let your presence be know.  Do not leave marks around.  Never
    leave your real name or anybody's real name you now.  Do not leave calling 
    cards like "Great hacker was here" or Handles as they will be eventually 
    be traced back to you.  Do not draw attention to yourself like by staying 
    on to long or signing on at weird times.  Keep visits short and normal 
    if possible.

(3) Hacking is better in a group.
        Simply put get out and meet people.  Make correspondances with people
    on bulletin boards and the Internet.  Go to BBS meetings or join computer 
    groups.  With some hard effort you can find some people from which you 
    can learn as which they can also learn from you too.

(4) Alterations and Destruction.
 a. Do not intentionally damage *any* system or file.
        If you by chance get onto a computer and you crash it or delete an 
    important file you are no hacker but a big tit.  Destroying things serves
    no purpose.  When you destroy something you make many bad moves, you let 
    people known of your presence (thus breaking rule #1).  When people lose 
    important files they get mad and when people are angry they ever more 
    diligent in catching you.  If caught charges against you are much more 
    severe as you will be charged with destruction of computer property.  
    Crashing a computer is like burning your own bridges down you lose the 
    potential of learning and systems to use.

 b. Do not alter files.
        Do not alter any system files other than ones needed to ensure your
    escape from detection and your future access (Trojan Horses, Altering
    Logs, and the like are all necessary to your survival for as long as
    possible.) *Taken from LOD Hacking guide

(5) Careful who you tell or loose lips sink ships.
        Every person will always want to tell someone about their exploits
    as it is a basic human reaction.  So when telling of your success remember
    who you tell.  Try to avoid telling people that will in turn tell on you 
    such an example is your parents, girlfriend, cops, and even sibilings.  If 
    you want tell rember rule #2 and get yourself into a trusted group.  This
    can also mean to what you post and write in e-mail.

(6) Being a little paranoid never hurt anyone.
        Get a little paranoid as it will help you.  Learn the feeling that 
    you are being tracked by the cops.  This in turn will teach you how to 
    protect yourself from getting caught or incriminated.  This can mean from 
    hiding your disks in a nuclear bomb shelter in your backyard,  calling
    from a payphone, or encrypting your e-mail with a 125 letter long phrase.

(7) Never under estimate your opponent. 
        Most people thing of cops and security people are idiots.  Do not 
    thing this for a minute, as to every 5 dumb cops there is 5 really smart
    ones.  Most of the time your opponent has the law or the system (computer 
    or government) on his side.  This gives him/her an edge over you.  One 
    such example comes to mind.  An writer for "Phrack" did an article on a
    hacker cop.  In the procces in doing it he got records about the cop.  
    When the cop eventualy caught on he called up the writer and informed him 
    of his own lifestory, going all the way from credit history to the bike he
    paid for in cash.  This incident proves that cops are not ignorant of our 
    kind and are tricks.

(8) Read everything related remotely related to computers.
        Get manuals from friends and read them.  Download textfiles and read
    them.  Type help at the prompt and read.  With all this reading you soon 
    can become very proficent in may aspects of computers.  I have seen many 
    newbies try and have other people tell them what to do and where.  This 
    rarely works or provides any knowledge gain.  As to every great hacker 
    there has been tonnes of stuff he had to read and learn.

(9) Learn to use many differnet programs.
        Download, copy, or pirate programs.  Learn to use them, find the bugs
    and little tricks and use these things for your needs.  In the long run 
    you will find some programs that can be  really useful to you.  This rule
    also reaches out to learning other operating systems.

(10) Make goals.
        This rule may sound it like it does not belong or is even releated to
    hacking but it is.  No person has ever gotten 95% to 100% by doing a days 
    worth of cramming.  The same with hacking.  Get a daytimer and begin to
    record little daily goals for you to complete, big goals like to go trashing
    at the local ma ball office, and simple tasks for you to complete.  With
    all this planning a person can become a ok hacker in faster time.

(11) Hacking is like sex.
        Hacking is similar to sex (Yes I know this is not very conservative
     but it is the best ancedote I can think of).  A person can read all the
     books about sex, watch blue movies galore, and skim every playboy but until
     that person has sex they can not relate to it.  This is the same with 
     hacking.  You can read all the text files and have all the programs but
     until you actually go out and hacked into a system you never now what it
     is like.

Brought to you by: Conservative Man
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Conservative Man
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