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How to Hack Nedbank

.:--==--==--==--==--==-->> How to Hack Nedbank by Gevil <<==--==--==--==--==:.
::                                                                          ::
:: >Yes, Gevil, I know you didn't want me to include this article in the    ::
::  first issue of FK, but I needed some more articles coz what we had at   ::
::  the moment was pretty sad. So here it is... The Nedbank ATM Hack!<      ::
::									    ::
:: Ever seen one of those Nedbank ATM's with the Touch Screen Terminals and ::
:: the 3D sequence of the card going in2 the machine? Did You know that they::
:: run Windoze NT? And anything running Windoze, is waiting to be fuct with,::
:: right? So here it is... The Code to get into the Employee menu of one of ::
:: those ATM's...							    ::
::									    ::
:: Press Cancel Once							    ::
:: Press Proceed Twice							    ::
:: Enter Ten Random Digits						    ::
::									    ::
:: And that's all there is to it. You'll have a couple of options which are ::
:: pretty kewil, but the SoS are hoping to release ways to get in2 other,   ::
:: cooler options. Oh yeh, and don't mess around too much, it's possible to ::
:: cause a Windows NT Blue Screen Of Death, which doesn't look good in a    ::
:: crowded place. ;-)							    ::
::                                                                          ::

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