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More fun with Nedbank's Nedassist Terminals

     .o (( More fun with Nedbank's Nedassist Terminals by Wizdumb )) o.

This is a bug which Vortexia pointed out to me recently, and told me not
to release because it's like, his sekrut leet0 hax0r triq or summing.
However, since I remembered Gevil showing me this same trick back in 1998,
and since intellectual property is a lie (esp. with something like this),
I'm publishing it anyway. My apologies Vorty. Alo Gevil! Erm. *Ahem*

There are two unmarked buttons on the Nedassist terminal - obviously these
have to do something. Tap the middle of the screen twice, then the left
unmarked button, then the right unmarked button. You should be thrown into
a menu that looks like this...

() Card Encoding
() Print Journal
() Save Journal to Disk

The card encoding option is particularly interesting, and I've seen a *lot*
of *very* non-standard behaviour from these terminals in the few years
they've been out so I'm sure you freaks can find something fun to do. Just
don't be an idiot, okay?

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