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Security without Identification - a bibliographic reference

MESSAGE: 6642                                   DATE/TIME: 06-20-91  1:41a
FROM   : KENT HASTINGS                          RECEIVED : YES
TO     : JEFF HUNTER                            PRIVATE  : NO
SUBJECT: Hello!                                 THREAD   : YES
FOLDER : I, "Caller Information"

Crypto is a hot topic. I'd like to mention one of my favorite articles at this
time, although I've done it before.

The October, 1985 Communications of the ACM (Association of Computing
Machinery), featured an article, which inspired the front cover, entitled
"Security Without Identification: Transaction Systems To Make 'Big Brother'
Obsolete". David Chaum explained how to present unforgeable credentials across
multiple pseudonyms to thwart dossier compilation. He also showed how a bank
could issue untraceable electronic money! Don't use this for money laundering
or income tax evasion, kids. The issue was bound on a shelf at UCI here in So.
Cal - you might find an issue up there, too. I made copies.

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