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Why it's good to be paranoid

                                                 -* )(Become a paranoid it's more secure)(*-  
                                                                        Author: tH3 m4n!4c
                                                   contact me at: themaniac@blackcode.com

In this guide I'll explain you why is so good to be a paranoid and the main things you should know
about becoming a paranoid.
This guide si for educational purposes only I do not take any ressponsibilytu about anything
happen after reading this guide.I'm only telling you how to do this not to do it It's your decision.

Internet paranoids are interesting people. You should also become padanoid if you're using
or practising hacking or anything that is illegal. You don't know when you'll do some mistake and
when the feds or the police will come in your house and take you with them. What will they think
if they find all your hard-drive full with hacking texts,hacking tools,cracks ,stolen passwords,
your address book full with hacking e-mails, your projects for hacking groups and your own
guides. Of course they'll think you are a hacker and they'll judge you and then "HELLO JAIL".
  If you were paranoid there things won't happen. Hey I'm not telling you to become paranoid I'm
just telling you what will happed if you were. So you don't want such things to happen.
Encrypt all of your files even the programs. I'll suggest you PGP. It's the best encrypt everything
and it's the most secure. So when the police come tell them you won't tell  them anything cause
you must talk to your layew first. They'll take your computer but they won't be able to read the files
there. This will help you a lot.
 How do you think they caught you??? Don't tell anyone about your projects and hacking stories
cause when something happen you'll be first in their list.  TRUST NOONE. This is the best.
 And be very suspicious about everyone. A nice looking girl may find you on ICQ. But is this a
girl or this are the feds or some asshole who what's to have laught with you. Check everything
before trusting someone. IF the "girl" tell you that she is near you check it with his or her IP
you may see that he is from the other side of the world. This is one very usefull and dirtry trick.
If the "girl" is from the police or FBI "she" ask you what do you know about hacking. Of course
you'll tell her everything cause you want "she" to know how great hacker you are. This is the first
mistake. Now the FBI agent or the police knows your hacking plans. So when they'll catch you 
they'll know about your hacking skills and you'll be busted. FBI is becoming very smart in the past
2 years and they should their page was hacked 2 or more times.
   You must be sure that you're clear from trojans and worms before connecting to the net. If you 
want to become paranoid follow all the things I'm talking about.
Now find and download all the virus and trojan scanners on the net.Every product has trojan and
viruses that the other don't have them so download all of them. I'll suggest you Trojan Defence
Suite this is the best trojan cleaner out there you can download it from this URL:
Now you must find a registry monitor and see if there are 
any changes in the regystri. Also find program that will show you all open programs some
trojans hide from Alt+Ctrl+Del menu.
When sending e-mails always encrypt them no matter to who you're sending them.Don't talk about
hacking or anything connected with net at school cause someone will betrey you. When you
download anything from the net don't run it immediatelly it can be a virus or a trojan or a worm.
First check with your scanners after that look in the file source and see is there something
that is suspicious. Then send it to some anti-virus or trojan cleaner program for analyzing.You 
never know what's in this exe so be very carefull. Check often the FBI most wanted section so
if you're there you'll know and hide yourself.
Always check which ports are open on your computer and then check for what are these ports.
It can be a trojan or something else. Find a tool that deletes SECURE there's one called
"Without a Trace" cause when you delete something it can be undeleted I hope you don't want
someone (FBI ,police) to see what were your previous files. Download all your hard drive on
CD's and format it once in a month in this way noone will see the files that were on your computer.
You should never keep everything about your projects on a paper.It's very dangerous.If you have
something on paper BURN IT NOW because someone may see on what you're working on.
  Never write your password on a paper or somewhere else.You should remember all of them.
I know it's hard but you should do it.Also you can write them in .txt file and encrypt the file with
128 bits encryption this is the most secure.If you're Windows user don't tell Windows to remember
all of your passwords because if you're infected with trojan horse you'll loose these passwords
because someone will get them.
You should always check everything.I mean when you're on ICQ check if the person who you're
talking to is real and that he's not someone that hack his account.Be always suspicious and trust
almost noone.To be a paranoid is very good thing if you're doing things that you don't want the
other to know about.And now the last thing i have to say:
Be always suspicious and trust noone,don't run any .exe and .com file you find,ALWAYS encrypt
your data and e-mails and be very carefull while chating on ICQ because remember you don't
know who is reading your messages the messages are send in plain text remember that.

It's more secure

If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to e-mail me at:

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