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How to be a cautious hacker

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Phreak Newsline Edition: 6                                 By: The Disk Master
Member of: Apple Secret Service                          Date: 05/07/89 12:36am

            -=*>  How to be a Cautious/Novice Phreak/Hacker

 950'z are owned by different companies. Some 950'z have what is known as FGC
or Feature Group C which getz your Area Code and your phone number's prefix, lik
e 301-255 then the company limits it down and puts a DNR on the suffix,if they d
on't have people in the area that use it and when they put DNR on your
line you can tell by kallin direct to some area from a friends house and
measure how long it takes and than go to your house and call the same number,
and if it takes longer than it took at your friends house then you are being
DNR'd, Sooo what i would suggest you do is to stop using that service for a
while until it no longer DNR'z you. Now as for ANI, It costs LD Carriers big
bucks to have it installed and most would rather do without it, But if the
company you are messing with is big in the bussiness and is being fucked with
majorly than they would start getting FGC on their lines. Basicly, 950'z dont
trace unless they have ANI on their lines but other than that your Local tele
phone company is the one that does the tracing for them, they also performed
traces for other local companies around your area. The reason why your local
phone company gets involved on this matter; is becuase they are the ones who
provide those lines for them, anyways what your 950 service will do is call
your local phone company and asked them to watch the line for excessive calls
to their 950 dialup and than the Local TC will report back, how many calls came
from this number(EG. your number) to their dialup and than they simply bustyou.

                  The purpose of the 1800 dialup is for

people in different parts of the country to be able to use the same service
for a cheaper cost. The 1800 systems are like an always collect call phone
line,so they get the number of EVERYONE that calls and the time, but the reason
not all systems bust people is because it wastes money to go looking thru filez
for code and combine them with an area code. so, most companies only bust when
they see a huge difference in the host place of calling and the same code being
used. One more thing when phreaking dont just use the same service all thetime,
you have to keep using different other services, this will prevent your ass for
being traced and busted Majorly, for abusing your priviledges..

Example: lets say you work at a drug store, and you are the stockclerk, in
         order to maintain the drugs/vitamins ect. from going bad becuase of
         its expiration dates, you have to rotate them, which means put the
         new ones on back of the old ones,this will prevent the loss of profit.
         so what im trying to say os that if you keep using that service over
         and over again sometime,someday your ASS will be BUSTED BIGTIME..

When hacking, I suggest using a a program that has the capability of dialing
3 or 4 different services. unce more, what you are doing here is jumping from
one place to another, like that you wont have too many calls going to the port
at the same time. This way it is very difficult for you to get trace, of course
unless your line has a DNR on it. Another safe way of hacking is, hand hacking
I think it is much better and safer becuase you can hear when they are throwing
you fake carriers and all that kind of crap.

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well, its good to rotate your codes but its MUCH BETTER to rotate the service
you are phreaking/hacking from. I just rotate my services not my codes..

talking about rotating!..did any of you; that live on a equal-access area and
used all of those 800-877-8000 (sprint backdoors) wonder why you got billed and
also wonder why your friend never got billed! this might seem like a mistery to
a few of you, so I will solve it for you!.. what happens is that US sprint has
FGC (feature Grop C) on its watts line, therefore every called that is made
to this number has your Phone number, City and State tha the call came from;
but what they did not know, was if you actually use the backdoor ( No Im not wro
ng, I know what the hell im talking about) and how could they not know when
they have my number and state?( you might be saying that just now).ill get back
into this later on, anyways they cant proof that you did use the 800-877-8000
there is no way of prooving it, of course they an proove that you dialed it so
many times but other than that they dont know what you did after dialing it.
(going back now) well the reason they dont know what you did after you dialed
the number is because they only have FGC on its line, which basicly is the only
thing they can get (ANI also) so what FGC does is get your phone number but it
does not get anyother numbers after you dialed it. you might be saying now..you
don know what the fuck your saying! well I have somthing to tell you PAL you
are fucking wrong and Im RIGHT  and if you fucking dont belive any of this shit
than FUCK OFF or call US sprint 800 lease lines and ask them how does the
system works ect..ask them everyting you'll like to know, be sure to tell them
that you plan on renting one of their lines though else they wont give you any i
nfo..well getting back to our subject, the only individuals that do know what
numbers you dialed while taking to someone or not is your local CO of course
this will only be possible if you are in an Equal-Access Area. so how can you
tell if you are in a equal-access area or not?.. simple: dial 10222 or 10333
(by the way the 10 is use to access other LD companies, and the other 3 numbers
are the company code such as 333=US sprint, 222=MCI) anyways if you get a recor
ding saying that your call ca not be completed as dialed than you are still on
BARS not ESS aother way you can tell is by dialing 911 if it works than youare.

   Well the conclusion to all of the above for those of you that till donot
know why you got billed and your friend didn't. wel simply the answer is you
FUCKIG DIALED THE 800-877-8000 way too much and that is why you got fucking
billed, I used it myself and i did not get a bill oh well I realy did not use
it that much anyways.

      well, maybe ill bring up the NTS backdoors on my next update file!!!!

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