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Advice on how not to get caught hacking

 The text comes from a data file written by and for IC members.

                      HACK YOUR OWN CODES. 

Don't leech from someone else. Having codes is like having sex,
if you don't protect yourself you'll end up with a venereal
disease. You have no idea where a code has been before you got
your hands on it, when it was hacked or how long it's been in
circulation. Time is a very important factor, the longer a code
has been in use, the greater the risk.


 Don't give the suckers an even break. To run a trace, MCI needs 
to shuffle a lot  of papers. Ain't that nice. Paper work takes 
time, and it's highly unlikely they could accomplish the feat in 
three days. It's even more unlikely  they would even know  
they've been phreaked for at least a week. All company's have 
thirty day billing cycles, if you started using the code the day 
after the bills went out, you'd have twenty nine days left to 
play with it. The customer gets his billing and bitches up a
 storm. The company now has the option of setting up a trap, but
 alas, they notice  you haven't used the code in three weeks and
 have no destination number to PIN. If you phreaked the code one
 day before the billing cycle ends, the customer may notice
 right away. Figure you have two days for it to reach the
 customer. If he yells right away it takes a few more days for
 the security department to process the paperwork for the trace.
 By that time you're long gone.


 If you insist on burning the same company, you're going to
 develop a pattern. You call your girl friend in Alaska every
 damned day using the same company. It doesn't take a genius to
 predict what you're going to do tomorrow. They know where you
 enter their system and where you're going to. You've given them
 everything they need to run a good trace. Spread the wealth a
 little. Use US Telecom, then ITT, Lexitel, Skyline, Metro and a
 few of the 800's if you like. Spread it out. These people have
 n it; "I don't know what you're   
    talking about.....HANG UP.

 The problem is now resolved. Remember these guys are like
 rabid dogs in heat, they're excellent con artists. Believe
 nothing you hear. You don't have to talk to them. If they had
 anything on you they'd be standing at your door with a search
 warrant. Their abilities in this area are very restricted. They
 operate by manipulating your fear and you have nothing to fear
 but your own fear. Don't try to come up with some lame
 explanation, you know you received the call and they know it. So
 don't make an ass out of yourself trying to explain away the
 obvious - HANG UP!

 What happens if your are caught? 
 Congratulate yourself on being an asshole. The number of phreaks 
 caught are so small you have now qualified for membership  in a
 really elite group of jerks.
 Inspector Bullshit now has several options. 

 Grab your computer......... this will be done no matter what.

 Grab your data files and any hard copy you have laying around.
 This to help identify other subversives and also to supply
 incriminating information about you. 

 Try to scare you into a confession. Standard operating procedure
 - keep your fucking mouth shut. You have nothing to gain by 
 talking and a much to lose.

 If you're a minor you can forget about jail time, an adult
 is looking at a couple of weeks in the slam - may-be.

 Realize this, they don't really want your ass as much as they 
 want THE MONEY. That's right boys and girls the buck talks loud 
 and clear.
 If you're caught, you've broken every one of the IC's
 rules. At worst you're looking at a couple of thousand in phone
 bills. Get a lawyer to do your talking for you, that'll be about
 a five hundred dollar retainer. If the company is willing to
 settle for the money, and your computer, pay it - it's cheaper
 in the long run. If they want you in the calaboose then fight
 it. As a first time offender the odds of you actually getting
 time are slim. Incidentally, Inspector Bullshit will drop a
 little extra on the bill for good measure. Have the attorney
 demand they produce their records of all "alleged phone

 In fighting a phreaking case you'll want to have a jury trial. 
 The technology behind the running of a trace is so
 complicated even a halfassed lawyer could confuse the
 average layman. He can make Inspector Bullshit describe
 switching down to atomic subparticles if he wants and by the
 time he gets to how a trace works the jury would be so confused
 you'd skate on a "reasonable doubt". It would be
 interesting to see if a sharp shark could subpoena the actual
 equipment used to run the trace. I don't think MCI would
 care to have one of their computers offline for the time it
 would take to have "independent" examiners checking out the
 functionality of the switching mechanisms. 
 To phreak or not to phreak. It's a question only you can answer 
 for yourself.


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