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Terrorism and the Hacker

Terrorism & The Hacker
November 19 2001
By Gizmo

I have been online and active in my computer community for 8 years, and
i've been around computers my while life.  Lately a bill passed in the
senate states that for me gaining unauthorised access to computers,
systems, etc is cocidered terrorism.

Now, i speak for the majority of my community when i state that we are
not terrorists, were a group of people whom posess a superior intelect
and who want to know everything about everything.

You may state that what we do is malicious, and for the most part this
is true, however if it wasn't for us and our high demands, AMD and INTEL
wouldn't have processors that go at 2+ gig.  Linux wouldn't be used if
it wasn't for us, just as your computers that you know now woudln't be
as fast, as secure, and people wouldn't be as smart.

We run on a Jedi rule, some of us are Malicious, and some of us are just
ones who want to help.  Say that i wrote a program such as backoriface,
now, you can use this as a server for private use, or you can use it as
a way for you to get back into a system at your leasure.

If your security is so bad that you get hacked, keep in mind that it is
your own fault, if you can't go through the trouble of making your
computer un hackable its your bad, not ours.

Securing a system ins't hard, in windows you just install a firewall,
dont install anything you dont need, then you don't have to worry about
the likes of us.  in linux, hey if your running it and you can't secure
it, use windows.

Now, you compaire us geniouses to people like Bin Laden and Al-Gama'at
al-Islamiyya (Egypt's largest militant group).  But in defence we just
want to state, if it wasn't meant to be public and free, it just wasn't
meant to be.

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