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Ultimate Pandora Memory Stick

UPMS (Ultimate Pandora Memory Stick)
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Ultimate Pandora Memory Stick or U.P.M.S. for the Sony PSP is an installer for the pandora setup. The setup is used to make a Jigkick Battery and a Magic Memory Stick. It allows you to downgrade or upgrade official firmware (OFW) or better yet bring your PSP into the world of custom firmware (CFW). It also installs a slew of programs that can be run under service mode. Not only does it give you a various amount of options in service mode, it also installs utilities that run under the XMB (when on CFW) so you can manage and maintain your PSP in good working order. The installer combines 4 well known service mode applications to give you the best service mode program for the PSP to-date.

Things Needed

1.A battery FAT or SLIM (preferably factory provided ones)
2.A memory stick (256mb or higher)
3.A PSP already running CFW

Service Mode Applications:

1.Despertar del Cementerio V3
Dark Alexs' newest pandora set-up
..Upgrade to 3.71m33-2 or 3.71OFW
..Dump or restore physical NAND (Creates or restores a NAND backup on the MS named nand-dump.bin)

2.Pandora Menu Launcher
The Jokers' all-in-1 menu launcher
-Despertar del Cementerio V3
-Pandora Main Menu V1
..Downgrade to 1.50 OFW
..Backup/dump or Restore NAND
-Pandora Battery Creator
..Make battery normal again without the need of an AC adapter or a downgrade to 1.50
-Simple IPL Patch
..To help restore key 5 for TA-082/086 mobos
..Analyze and restore the idstorage keys
..Dump the idstorage keys to your MS
..View/edit individual keys
..Verify and fix the keys using files on the MS
-PSP Filer
..File browser
..Image viewer
..Text viewer
-USB Connection
..Access ms0, flash0, and flash1
-Run (ms0:/kd/home1/EBOOT.PBP
..Launch homebrew eboot from the home1-5 folders
..Place all related files for your brew in the same folder as well

3.Extended Pandora Menu
Hellcats' Extended Menu for Pandora
-Boot to full firmware
..This will boot the PSP to OFW 1.50
-Go to Pandora Main Menu
..Downgrade to 1.50 OFW
-Backup/Restore NAND
-Boot PSP from internal flash
..This will boot the PSP to what ever FW is currently in flash
-Fix Flash 1
..This will format flash 1
..This will get rid of the BSOD you may be encountering
-Launch app with flash0:/ access
..Use to launch homebrew apps
-Launch CFW installer
..Use to launch CFW installer
-USB options
..Here you will have access to your flas0, flash1, and ms0

4.Elf Menu
Jas0nUKs' Elf Menu Launcher
-Elf Launcher
..We have included two Elf files. Minervas' NANDManager and Cory149s' NANDTool

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