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VAS 117: The Death of Hacking

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  栩    栩  栩樛樛栩  炳栩栩桀            Issue #117  - 6/8/1996            
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    炳桎    栩    栩  炳栩栩桎            -[ Written By: The Psycho Pyro ]- 
                         The Death of Hacking                                
    As you probably know by now, the scene is dead. No, it wasn't federal raids
 or "MaBell Secret Police" that destroyed it. The scene is dead because of the
 stupidity of the people involved in it. You big hardass hackers are the
 biggest fucking idiots on the planet. Over 90% of the scene has never actually
 hacked anything in their live. The few that do brag to feds and CERT types at
 Con's about the newest holes you have found, so they can quickly patch them
 up. You all abuse whatever information you find, so whatever it is stops
 working in weeks. The other major thing is that almost no one in the hacking
 scene is a hacker. 99% of the "Hackers" out there are 14 year old kids who
 have no freinds, no intelligence, no skill and no life. They call around and
 go on the IRC and try to brag to others about how hardcore they are. They
 think they are the shit because they have a few scripts. These people do
 serve at least one purpose. For instance, in my last year of high school,
 there was this fag freshman that would always brag about how good of a hacker
 he was. He would bring in 2600 mags and brag to our brainless instructor
 about how he could crash the Lan network. Anyways, a few weeks later i got
 bored and set up a keystoke recording TSR on the teachers computer. I got all
 their passwords and gave everyone E-Mail and set up a guest account "jhoo"
 with everything. After a couple of monthes, one of the sysops found out about
 it. Guess who ended up suspended for 10 days? Unfortunantly, there are way
 more of these idiots than there is a need for them.

    Speaking of 2600, they are the epitimy of everything wrong with the hacker
 scene. I will use the new spring 96 issue as an example. The cover shows some
 hakur stealing a payphone with the heading "Our Nations Youth Run Amok,
 Corporations living in terror". I am sure the corporations are so scared of
 Emmanuel Goldstein and his legions of 14 year old fags. 2600 is a Corporation,
 so all you dumbasses that read that shit are getting played. Emmanuel is
 getting rich off of the dumbass wannabe kiddies. He was also one of the
 technical consultants for that embarrasment "hackers: the movie". All that
 movie is doing is getting more crusty types to pretend to be hackers and buy
 his magazine. As usual, the editorial is a bitch about how Hackers who get
 caught shouldn't be punished. Hacking is a crime, i am sure emmanuel would
 be pissed off if someone took over 2600.com and trashed it. The guy fucked
 up and got caught, quit fucking whining about it. There is no fucking
 "Bureaucratic Corporate Regime" out there that is out to get all hackers.
 Everyone in the scene keeps going on about how "Information should be Free".
 If you honestly believe that, call up the VaS VMB listed below and leave me
 your CC numbers, SS number and your inet account and password. You people
 are the biggest hypocrits. On one hand, you people say that, then you turn
 around and bitch about how the government wants to invade our privacy. To you
 all information should be free except your own information. And then you guys
 say that you are hacking to learn and help corporations get better security.
 Fuck that, if you want to learn about computers, go get a fucking book. As
 for helping people by showing them there security flaws, the LoD did that and
 look what happened to most of their members. They got screwed for it. Enough
 of this. The thing that really pisses me off is that one of the articles in
 this issue describes word for word a method used by VaS for years. This is
 another thing i would like to bring up, even if you keep what you have found
 hidden, chances are some other idiot will also find out about it. Then again,
 knowledge could have leaked out from those who lost the power struggle in
 VaS. They also had an article on "Hacking Caller ID". All this is about is
 how to increase the memory of your caller ID box. Then there was an article
 about the phone system in Alaska. For all of you who didn't quite beleive us
 about useless phone system info in VaS issue 104. They also had an article
 of total Bullshit about how someguy took over his neighbors phones, cable,
 house and power. The funniest of all is an article on trying to avoid
 suspicion. SO much bragging and bullshiting goes on in this mag. As for the
 letter section, about half were from newbies whining for more info. The other
 half were people complaining about how previous articles were not real.
 Enough of the articles, I'll wrap this up quick. The meetings are probably
 mainly hoaxes too. No one has been to the Ann Arbor meetings in over 3 years.
 Yet it still is listed. All this bragging and media exploitation have created
 a Hacker Scare in this country. The stupid people of this country see movies
 like the Net and hackers and want to get on the internet. Once they get there,
 two things happen. Over half of them discover the underground and whine
 about how it should be destroyed and banned from the internet. The other half
 learn some basic trivial knowledge from 2600 and claim to be hackers. Then
 the underground becomes mainstream, and by definition can no longer exist.
 I know most of you wannabe dorks will try to bash this article and claim
 there still is a hacking scene. Fuck you, there isn't. Luckilly, you dumbasses
 won't fuck up phreaking. Oh yeah, on the cover of 2600, it claimed to be a
 special redbox issue. There wasn't any special Red Box info. When are these
 dumbasses going to learn Red Boxing no longer works in most of the US.
 Anyway, fuck you all, and Emmanuel, Eat a fat negro Dick!
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