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Virginia Tech Hacking File 1

			   The VT Hacker
 			 by The Mad Hermit

	Welcome to the first installment of the hackers' corner.  In this
"electronic magazine", I will be speaking out on various issues relating to
computers, telephones, and other technological devices that have uses their
creators didn't intend them to have.  First, I would like to point out a
disclaimer.  The information given here will NOT compromise the security of any
institution.  It is NOT being distributed with the intent that it will be used
for illegal activities.  I (and everyone else here) hereby take NO
responsibility if some mentally deranged person gets bad ideas from this and
does something dispicable.  The information in this column will be just that:
freely available items of interest that have been collected from different
sources.  Any nasty ideas coming from knowledge of this information are the
fault of the person(s) who read(s) it.

	Now that I've gotten rid of that load, I'll tell you about the format
I'd like to try to follow.  Typically, I will have feature articles to start
things off.  After the feature, I intend to have news articles of interest to
all computer owners, followed by reader mail as space permits.  This time, I
have a crash course on the Tech (and other) library's VTLS system including
some of the more esoteric functions available.  These articles will more often
be written by me, but submissions are always welcome and WILL BE READ by me.
In future issues, I will talk about hacking on LocalNet, VMS/CMS, Unix/Ultrix,
BitNet, Pick, GTE's TeleNet, and a Hewlett Packard system on which your high
school might still keep grades and records.

	I would like to extend a call to all phreakers and hackers to send in
stuff about microcomputers, local BBS's, and bizarre phone #s also.  
	And Now..............VTLS - Virginia Tech's Library Search Service

	FIRST - the basic commands:
		A/ = Author Search
		B/ = Boolean Word search (Inaccessable)
		C/ = Call Letter Search
		/C = Return to last item screen (slash cmd)
		CA = Catalog listing screen (Local cmd)
		H/ = Holdings listing
		H = Holdings screen (Local cmd)
		HELP = Local help for current screen
		/HELP = General help screen
		L/ = Videodisk operation (Inaccessable)
		M/ = Call Letter Search
		MARC = Data file of the book or magazine (Local cmd)
		NS = Next Screen (local cmd)
		P/ = Professor Reserve listing
		PS = Previous Screen (local cmd)
		Q/ = Course ID reserve listing
		S = Special Book Status (local cmd)
		S/ = Subject Search
		SHOW = returns user to item list screen (Local cmd)
		T/ = Title Search
		/T = Show Date and Time (slash cmd)
		W/ = Word Search (Inaccessable)
		X/ = Videodisk operation (Inaccessable)

	The two slash commands, C and T, are interesting because they aren't
exactly in the normal input format.  The /C command is especially powerful
because although PS no longer returns you to the last screen after you type
/HELP, /C always will.  Note that four commands aren't implemented in this
version of VTLS.  Not being one to miss a chance for social engineering,
I asked various librarians some questions and managed to piece together a
rough outline of what is going on.  Word search (and its boolean couterpart)
and videodisk services were a part of VTLS when it was first conceived, and the
code that ran them was part of the original system.  If, however, these
commands were accessed by someone without the proper hook-ups, the terminal
crashed.  As a result, these features were removed.  Another problem
encountered was the fact that the terminals could send control sequences
(holding down the control key while hitting another key) that messed with the
system.  These have been rendered harmless.  Some control sequences are:

		CTRL-G = Beep
		CTRL-H = Backspace
		CTRL-I = Who knows (just beeps)?
		CTRL-J = Linefeed only
		CTRL-M = Return and Linefeed
		CTRL-P = Space
		CTRL-X = Prints "!!!" and then return
		CTRL-Y = Break key (this used to cause trouble)
		CTRL-1 = Displays special characters & turns off scrolling
		CTRL-2 = Turns off effects of CTRL-1
		CTRL-4 = Turns KeyBeep On/Off
		CTRL-6 = Slow Cursor Flash
		CTRL-7 = Fast Cursor Flash
		CTRL-8 = Fastest Cursor Flash
		CTRL-9 = Turns Cursor into an Underline
		CTRL-0 = Screen Blowup (alternates between "U" and "*")
		CTRL-Home = Clears Screen

		Novice vs. Advanced Searches on VTLS
	Normally the user operates in novice mode, but enterprising people
have discovered some advanced features including many more help screens than at
first imagined.  Simply type "?" and then <return> to get the Novice User's
menu.  Though only 7 choices are displayed, there is more than meets the eye.
Info about any of the advanced services can be obtained by typing in the
following command structure : "# ?".  The pound sign (#) represents the number
of the service you wish to get advanced help on.  What follows is a list of
currently known numbers and what they mean:

		1 = Author
		2 = Subject
		3 = Title
		4 = Call Number
		5 = ISSN Search
		6 = LSSN Search
		7 = ISBN Search
		8 = Word Search
		9 = Boolean Word Search
		10 = Professor Reserve
		11 = Course ID Reserve
		100 to 110 = Reserve Module Numbers (unused)

	The Reserve Module is another one of those things that has been
discontinued.  There also seems to have been an Acquisitions module, that the
main offices on the Sixth Floor might have used, but I don't know the numbers
for it.

	Announcing a 1-800 scan!  This phreaker pastime is being resurrected
around campus by several interested parties.  Pick an exchange (i.e. 1-800-XXX)
and dial as many numbers as you can, recording the ones that are answered or
return weird noises.  The numbers in each exchange go from 1-800-XXX-0000 to
1-800-XXX-9999.  This activity is PERFECTLY LEGAL, but the fone company has
been known to get suspicious of calling patterns where numbers in sequence are
dialed.  If this happens,  tell them that you aren't harrassing anyone or
frauding the fone company.  It's free, & informative.  To get you started, here
are some I have collected (if they don't work anymore, please tell me):

1-800-221-0226	NBA Hotline
1-800-221-2000	TWA Reservations
1-800-221-2014	Extender
1-800-221-4945	Women USA News
1-800-221-9735	Carrier
1-800-222-0248	Dow Phone
1-800-222-0300	AT&T Toll-Free Wake-Up Service.  An AT&T representative will
awaken you in the morning. Call late at night & ignore initial voice messages.
1-800-225-8456	AUTONET
1-800-228-1111	VISA Credit Check
1-800-228-8777	Zip Code Information
1-800-238-5342	National Cotton Council
1-800-242-4022	Los Angeles Smog Report
1-800-248-0151	White House Press
1-800-252-0112	USC Newsline
1-800-253-9892	Up-Time Distribution
1-800-321-1082	Navy Finance Center
1-800-321-3048	Beepers
1-800-321-3049	Beepers
1-800-321-3052	Beepers
1-800-321-3074	Beepers
1-800-323-1146	Carrier-like sounds
1-800-323-1151	Long Distance Diverter
1-800-323-2005	Carrier
1-800-323-3107	Carrier
1-800-323-4279	Carrier
1-800-323-4297	Asks for 7-digit access code
1-800-323-4298	Special Operators
1-800-323-4313	PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
1-800-323-4354	Special Operators
1-800-323-4376	Carrier
1-800-323-4377	Carrier
1-800-323-4462	Carrier
1-800-323-8021	High tone
1-800-323-8039	PBX
1-800-325-0887	Arts Program Guide
1-800-325-9999	Strange tone, then silence
1-800-327-0000	"Announcement three, Dallas" (changes sometimes)
1-800-327-6764 	AUTONET
1-800-331-1323	Direct Connection with French Operators
1-800-331-3701	Shell Credit Center
1-800-336-0149	TYMNET Offices
1-800-336-3366	"The Source" Customer Service
1-800-342-1105	Tone
1-800-342-1108	Tone
1-800-342-1143	800 Operator
1-800-342-1119	LOUD Tone
1-800-343-2903	Call America Long Distance Service
1-800-343-6400	PBX with recording
1-800-362-7171	MASTERCARD/VISA No.
1-800-367-4710	San Bernadino Smog Report
1-800-368-1017	Test Number
1-800-368-1018	Test Number
1-800-368-5468	"Satelite Network Control"
1-800-368-5500	Coin Update
1-800-368-5634	MCI Update
1-800-368-5640	Senate Update
1-800-368-5642	Nuclear Regulatory Commission Op.
1-800-368-5667	Business Line
1-800-368-5693	Republican Talk Line
1-800-368-5744	AFL-CIO News Service
1-800-368-5814	National Association of Realtors
1-800-368-5833	American Heritage Foundation
1-800-368-5844	Communications Satelite Corporation
1-800-368-5939	White House Operator
1-800-424-0124	Office of Education News
1-800-424-2424	American Federation of Teachers
1-800-424-5040	N.A.M. Newsline
1-800-424-5201	Export&Import Bank
1-800-424-5900	PBX
1-800-424-6200	Odd Service
1-800-424-8086	National Education Association
1-800-424-8530	Housing & Urban Development
1-800-424-8807	Dept. of Transportation
1-800-424-9090	White House Press Office
1-800-424-9128	Dept. of Energy Newsline
1-800-424-9129	Ditto, but in Spanish
1-800-424-9180	COMMANDER II
1-800-424-9440	COMMANDER II
1-800-424-9494	TELEMAIL
1-800-424-9820	Citizen's Choice News
1-800-424-9864	Edison Energy Line
1-800-521-8426	RSX-11
1-800-524-0000	"Announcement one, Atlanta"
1-800-525-3056	Cattleman News
1-800-525-3085	Cattleman News
1-800-525-7623	American Express Current Exchange Rate
1-800-526-2000	"You've got equipment problems?"
1-800-527-2011	Credit Authorization
1-800-527-2551	Carrier
1-800-528-2121	American Express Voice Credit
1-800-544-6363	Alliance Teleconferencing
1-800-548-0000	"Announcement two, Chicago"
1-800-555-8111	See 1-800-222-0300.  This is an alternative.
1-800-621-4562	?????
1-800-621-8094	American Medical Association
1-800-631-1147	Beepers
1-800-645-5350	UNKNOWN
1-800-622-0858	California Medical Association
1-800-882-1061	AT&T Stock Prices

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