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Phone lines, Wardialing, Laptops and the like

Phone Lines, war dialing, laptops & the like
Oct 09 2002
By: Zaxil

This being the first article I've wrote for something like this I
thought I would start out with something simple to stop any of you
kiddies from getting yourselves caught for playing with things. A lot of
places are very worried and push for legal action to be taken even over
nothing. Lets get started. Well make a few assumptions in this. The
first and vital part being you know how to think for yourself and how to
learn more on things that your not sure on (google.com).

That you have a laptop, or for the truly adventerous, you've drug your
whole desktop setup outside and have it stashed in a nice safe area.
That you have a modem of some sort. You have a lot of phone cord. You
have some kind of dial-up account (theres lots of ways to get these so
no point detailing this). You have a 7/14 socket wrench, a phillips
screwdriver, and a flashlight because I doubt well be doing this by the
day. Now some preperation.

We want all of your phone cord to attract as little attention as
possible so get black if you can, or you can do like I did while bored
and spraypaint the length of it green so that it wont be noticed as
easily if its laying in the grass. Now depending on your situation you
might want to mod the end of the cord to clip onto wires and terminals
in phone boxes and such, theres plenty of sources to find out about
beige boxing so lets not waste time, just remember to look for the
christmas colors. If your not going to mod it because your lazy or too
cheap to get alligator clips, or theres no boxes you trust using we can
go to someone else house and if you've ever noticed those phone boxes
around their house.

Well if you unscrew and open that box you found that those give us
access to an RJ-11 port to plug our phone cord into. The socket wrench
is to open up any phone boxes you run into. Now for the computer we want
some wardialing software along with whatever else you would want to do,
run or exploit while anonymous. If your running windows I would
reccomend getting tHc-Scan 2.0 if on a *nix system I havent found a
wardialer I've liked so im writting my own. Email me if anyone would
like to have a copy when its done or wants to help.

Now we scope out our boxes during the day and wait until night falls.
Once dark you hook up to your new phone line and then we sneak off to
our safe place. From there we can begin to wardial. Wardialing lets us
scan a certain number range for things like carriers, tones, PBX's
voicemails and the like. So this can be usefull in some ways, although
its probably not as much as it used to be. If you get online from your
newly found line you will be anonymous to a point of course.

The isp you've dialed in from will think the other number will have
dialed in and also you wont be held for what you do on this account. We
wouldnt want to give ourselves away incase anyone logs anything by
checking our normal emails or just doing things that can link back to
you. Lets have some respect for technology people and not do anything
stupid with this. Also if you have an accoustic coupler it would make
things a bit easier so look into that if your interested.

This is all common sense and will hopefully make you all see how easy it
is for someone else to use your line so lets thank our phone companies

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