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Wozniak is behind hacking

= Wozniak Advocates Hacking =

By: Dr. Duplicator
  Apple's Founder Defends Hacking as Creative Thrill
  Article taken from The World Herald, February 19, 1985.  Page 3.

  Cupertino, Calif.  (AP) - When he was a teen-ager, Stephen Wozniak used some
bombs to shake up his teachers.  If he were in high school today, the founder of
Apple Computer Co.  says, he'd be "hacking" for thrills.

  A 15-year-old student at Homestead High School faces expulsion for allegedly
trying to electronically trespass into the school's computer using an Apple
computer, and Wozniak, Homestead class of '68, thinks that's okay.

  "I hope my own kid grows up to be a h acker," he said.  "It's a fun,
worthwhile and creative thing to do.  When people think creatively, their brains
develop--and that's a plus for society."

  Computer hackers "just want to prove how far they can get.  They're not out to
destroy or take data," said Wozniak, 34.  "There's never been a hacker who ever
took $10 out of a computer account."

  In the Homestead case, students are accused of attempting to change grades in
the school's computer files stored a t Stanford University.

  "Before there were computers, kids just sneaked into the office and changed
their grades with a typewriter," Wozniak said.  "Computers are safer because you
can trace things.  People get caught much more easily with computers."


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