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HPUX rexec buffer overflow vulnerability

   HPUX rexec buffer overflow vulnerability

Davide Del Vecchio Adv#5 

Discovered in: 19/02/2003
Date: 29/04/2003
Tested on HP-UX B.10.20 


The rexec command works the same as remsh except that it uses the
rexec() library routine and rexecd for command execution
and does not support Kerberos authentication.
The "-l" option is used to specify a different remote username. 

$ ls -al rexec
 -r-sr-xr-x   1 root       bin          20480 Oct 27  1997 rexec 

Using rexec with "-l" with a long option string: 

$ rexec -l `perl -e 'printf "A" x 9777'` -n something
Memory fault 


I'm in contact with HP's Security staff, especially with John Morris,
and I would like to thanks him and all his staff for the interest
demonstrated during this period of research on HP-UX.
He assured me a patch has been written and an Official Security Bullettin
will follow my advisory. 


Davide Del Vecchio would like to thank all the people supporting him
and his research, his coworkers of the security and monitoring staff @ Banca 
and obvious, the HP-UX security staff, impersonified in this case in John 


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Please send suggestions, updates, and comments to:
Davide Del Vecchio , Dante Alighieri - dante@alighieri.org / security@phx.it

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