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iisPROTECT SQL injection in admin interface

Release Date:	23.05.2003 
Application:	iisPROTECT v/2.2-r4 (and probably earlier versions) 
Vendor:		iisPROTECT 
			#536, 425 Carrall St. 
			Vancouver, BC, 
			V6B6E3, Canada 
Category:		SQL injection in admin interface 
Risk:			Medium-High 
Impact:		Arbitrary command execution 
Vendor Status:	First notified 15/04-2003 17:36 (+1) 
			Fixed 15/04-2003 22:47 (+1)	 
Author:		Torben 'Gyrniff' Frohn 
			email: nn@gyrniff.dk  
>From vendor site: "iisPROTECT is a high performance user authentication, 
password protection and member system". 
iisPROTECT has a webbased admin interface, the interface lacks sanitising on 
almost every variable. Successfully exploited some of the variables can be 
used to inject and execute SQL statements. 
iisPROTECT uses either a MS access file or a MS SQL-server. In the testing 
environment the MS SQL-server solution is chosen.  
Exploit (Proof of Concept) 
The following URL exploits the "GroupName" variable and uses the stored 
procedure "xp_cmdshell" to execute the command "ping": 
Vendor has fixed this problem. 
Vulnerability found by Torben Frohn (Gyrniff)

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