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IIS 4.0/4.0 security bugs




    IIS 4.0, 5.0


    Daniel Doekal found following.   Following relates to many of  us,
    because  ignorancy  of  some  webmasters  running  IIS   (Internet
    Information Server) 4.0/5.0 is somehow exceeding acceptable level.

    During informal test done by his security team he has found   that
    MOST  of  IIS4/5  webs  are  vulnerable  to  NULL.HTW,  +.HTR   or
    Translate:f security bugs  - because of  this, anybody can  access
    source  code  of  scripts,  grab  passwords/names  or locations to
    Access MDB files.  In dozens of cases Daniel was able to  download
    megabytes  of  databases  containing  anything  from  thousands of
    e-mail adresses  up to  logon names  with passwords  (and as  well
    known, people are using the same password all over the Internet).

    He  has   notified  webmasters   having  such   buggy  webs,   but
    surprisingly,  some  of  responses  were lacking understanding and
    their webs are open even weeks after he has discovered this.

    If you are in need to  test your site for these bugs,  please feel
    free to use



    The "Translate" vulnerability to  ASP source pages which  Daniel's
    page tests for can be patched by  applying W2K SP1.   MS have  now
    released the Hotfix (for those not deploying 76+MB W2K SP1)  which
    addresses the "Translate" issue:


    Shawn Hall pointed out that the fix was also included in the  9+MB
    Exchange Server 2000 RC2 Rollup fix (beta) from June:


    There had  been a  KB article  in the  MS Knowledgebase about this
    issue since May/June, but it was subsequently pulled.  MS had  not
    issued a  Security Bulletin  on the  issue, but  will be  doing so
    shortly.  As a result  this vulnerability may be widely  known and
    widely exploited.

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