TUCoPS :: Internet :: forge.txt


By Capt.Stephenson
5:29 PM 14/10/2008

This is how you send a forged email. Find the address of the person that you 
want to send it to, and follow these instructions.

You are typing the commands after the >>


<Command Prompt>

C:\Documents and Settings\user>>telnet


Microsoft Telnet>> open shawmail.wp.shawcable.net 25


220 idcmail.shaw.ca ESMTP
>>helo domain.com 
250 idcmail.shaw.ca
>>mail from:sender@domain.com
250 sender <sender@domain.com> ok
>>rcpt to:address@domain.com
250 recipient <recipient@domain.com> ok
354 go ahead
>>message content
250 ok:  Message 1836378 accepted


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