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Apple QuickTime FPX Integer Overflow
Apple QuickTime FPX Integer Overflow
Apple QuickTime FPX Integer Overflow

Apple QuickTime FPX Integer Overflow

Release Date:
May 11, 2006

Date Reported:
March 7, 2006

Patch Development Time (In Days):

High (Remote Code Execution)


Systems Affected:
Quicktime on Windows 2000
Quicktime on Windows XP
Quicktime on Mac OS X 10.3.9

This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2006-1249

eEye Digital Security has discovered a critical vulnerability in
QuickTime Player. There is a integer overflow in the way QuickTime
processes fpx format files. An attacker can create a fpx file and send
it to the user via email, web page, or fpx file with activex.

Technical Description:
In an fpx file, there is a field that figures out how many blocks of
data there are in that file. One block data size is 0x200, QuickTime
Player will allocate memory relying on (number*0x200) but does not check
the size value and an integer overflow can occur.  If you set the block
value to 0x800000 an integer overflow will occur which will then cause a
heap overflow and write invalid memory.  

QuickTime: QuickTime File Format

Retina Network Security Scanner has been updated to identify this
Blink - Endpoint Vulnerability Prevention - preemptively protects from
this vulnerability.

Vendor Status:
Apple has released a patch for this vulnerability information is
available at http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61798 

Discovery: Fang Xing

Copyright (c) 1998-2006 eEye Digital Security Permission is hereby
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reprint the whole or any part of this alert in any other medium
excluding electronic medium, please email alert@eEye.com for permission. 

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