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Apple QuickTime udta ATOM Integer Overflow
Apple QuickTime udta ATOM Integer Overflow
Apple QuickTime udta ATOM Integer Overflow

Apple QuickTime udta ATOM Integer Overflow

By Sowhat of Nevis Labs
Date: 2007.03.06


CVE:	CVE-2007-0714

Apple Inc.

Affected Versions:
Apple QuickTime versions < 7.1.5

We have discovered a critical vulnerability in Quicktime Player.
The vulnerability allows an attacker to  execute arbitrary code
in the context of the user who executes QuickTime.

This vulnerability can be exploited By persuading a user to open
a carefully crafted .mov files or visit a website embedding the
malicious .mov file.

The CVE-2006-1460 does not patch the root cause of this vulnerability.

This vulnerability exists in the way Quicktime process the "udta" Atom of
the .mov files.

The layout of a udta(user data atom) atom:

  |    User data atom     |
  |     Atom size         | 4
  |    Type = 'udta'      | 4
  |                       |
  |   User data list      |
  |     Atom size         | 4
  | Type = user data types| 4
  |                       |

By setting the value of the Atom size to a large value such as 0xFFFFFFFF,
an insufficiently-sized heap block will be allocated, and resulting in a
classic complete heap memory overwrite during the RtlAllocateHeap() function.

Vendor Response:

2006.05.06	Vendor notified via product-security@apple.com 
2006.05.07	Vendor responded
2006.05.09	Vendor ask for more information
2006.05.11	Vendor released QuickTime 7.1, the code path was
influenced, but the root cause was not fixed.
2007.03.06	Vendor released the fixed version
2007.03.06	Advisory release

1. http://developer.apple.com/documentation/QuickTime/QTFF/index.html 
2. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305149 
3. http://secway.org/advisory/AD20060512.txt 

"Life is like a bug, Do you know how to exploit it ?"

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