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At Ease networking security bugs

    At Ease




    If you use an  AppleShare server (NetWare running  APPLETLK.NLM or
    Linux  running  atalkd  would  also  count)  as  At Ease's startup
    volume,  then  At  Ease  will  automate  the  login process to the
    server.  This  is be nasty  because whoever is  logged in when  At
    Ease  is  set  up  would  automatically  be  logged in to the file
    server  every  time  At  Ease  starts  up thereafter.  But it gets
    worse  -  the  login  information  (ServerID, UserID, Password) is
    stored in  the 'At  Ease Preferences'  file.   Credit goes to Paul


    This can be disabled from within the 'At Ease Setup  (Workgroups)'
    utility by  simply un-checking  the box  labeled 'Always  remember
    the  user's  last-used  AppleShare  logins.'   Be  aware  that the
    default is  to use  the auto-login  feature.   FYI, disabling this
    feature doesn't remove the  original copy of the  AppleShare login
    information from the preferences file.

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