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SYN Floods against MacOS up to v8

Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 21:07:54 -0700
>From: Spikeman <spikeman@myself.com>
To: BUGTRAQ@netspace.org,
Subject: MacAttack

Unknown if anyone else knows about this or even said anything about it
but i didn't see anything so i thought i would say something.

You can kill all the bandwidth out of MacOS up to 8.* , by finding a
open port ( only 1 ) and by using synk command line "synk 0 ip open_port
then_the_next_port" . MacOS tcp/ip stack can't handle synfloods and
inturn it takes all bandwidth alway from that box.... keep it for 5 mins
or so and all conn's from the box _should_ die ( telnets/ftps/ircs/etc

For anyone who would like more info on synflooding check out

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