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Short msg thread on hacking the P'words from a Mac Network

 K> Are you running Waterloo MacJanet?  If so, and you are interested in
 K> "finding out some useful information", tell me.  I'll e-mail it to ya.

 Sp> You betcha. Waterloo, oh waterloo, so fast, so sleek, so cool with
 Sp> that k-rad man running in the upper left corner.  Useful info?  <Pant
 Pant> I'm all ears.  Of course, we can always use it next year.  <pant pant>

Is the server in an "accesible area" where you can play with it for
about 30 seconds without being seen?

If so, what you do is you take a startup, shove it in the drive and
reboot the mac.  Then walk off like nothing happened.  (I recommend
doing this while nobody's on the network).  When it's booted up
in about a minute, go into the HD and copy 2 files off the MacJanet
folder (I forget exactly what - haven't done this for about 2 years

It's the folder with a bunch of app's in it and some data files.  The
app's all have the cute little "macjanet" icon.  Copy all the data files.
This shouldn't take more than about 20 seconds since they are about
5k or so.  Then, eject the disk, reboot the machine and go.  (taking
your disk)  the machine will load up the network again itself.

You have a text editor?  Good.  On the disk are all the passwords
to EVERY user.  Even Admin.  Look at it with a text editor.  Log on
to admin, you'll need yet another password.  It's in the data
file too.  When you get in there, you have ULTIMATE power.  Create
users, delete users, change passwords, find out passwords, even
delete the whole HD!!

Have fun - but not too much...


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