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MacOS 9 Idle Lock (screensaver password in Win parlance) password bypass bug

MacOS 9 -Mac OS 9 Idle Lock Bug
Posted to Bugtraq by Sean Sosik-Hamor

MacOS 9 includes an idle-activated console lock feature, similar to a
screensaver password in other operating systems. After a certain length
of user inactivity, a dialog box appears stating that a password must be
entered. After the user clicks 'OK' another dialog box appears offering
the option to either supply a password or to log out the current user.
If the 'log out' option is chosen, any programs running will start to
shut down. In certain programs, dialog boxes are created in the shutdown
process (for example, "Exit without saving? OK/Cancel"). If the user
selects 'Cancel', the shutdown process is aborted and the user is
returned to the current session without ever having to enter a password.

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