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PWS 1.5.5 password field input overflow



    PWS 1.5.5 (at least)


    Jass Seljamaa  found following.   The problem  this time  is  that
    when File Sharing is set to  check PWS logins, on a about  300char
    password the system freezes.  This problem could be bigger,  cause
    Macintosh File  sharing passwords  cannot be  longer than  8 chars
    and many  apps support  File Sharing  to controls  logins, ie  the
    same  users  that  are  set   in  FS  control panel can access the
    specified service.

    This has been tested with a PPC 9500, OS 9.1z1, PWS v. 1.5.5.


    Nothing Yet.

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