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TrueBasic programs can erase otherwise protected files





    A  error  has  been  found  on  any  system  running MacOS and any
    version  of  TrueBasic  that  includes  the  "unsave" command. The
    unsave  command  is  used  to  erase  or  delete  any  file on the
    Macintosh HD. What this  allows any user to  do is erase ANY  file
    even if behind security programs such as "On Guard" and "At Ease".

    Example follows:

        ! Begin Kiss Off v1.0 by Xservo <servo@garbage.bridge.net>
        !       NOTE: Replace "MacHD" with the name of your Macintosh Hard Disk
        unsave "MacHD:System Folder:Control Panels:On Guard"
        ! EOF

    This program  will erase  On Guard  from the  Macintosh Hard Drive
    named "MacHD". Such a exploit  can also be acccomplished with  the
    "OPEN" and "ERASE" commands.  Credit for this goes to Xservo.


    ???, give away TrueBasic.

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