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Vellum 3D 3.0 demo CD is infeced with MBDF A/B virus!

    Vellum 3D




    CIAC has determined that the demo CD-ROM for the Vellum 3D version
    3.0 application is infected with  a strain of the MBDF  A/B virus.
    Vellum 3.0 is a high end CAD package for the Macintosh. The CD-ROM
    containing the  updated version  and some  demo versions  is being
    distributed at no charge by Ashlar Inc. Due to the fact this is  a
    free distribution, the infected CD-ROM may be widely distributed.

    The cover of the CD-ROM contains the following text:

                       Vellum 3D
                      Version 3.0
         for Windows 95 & NT and Power Macintosh
             (c)1997 Ashlar Incorporated.

    The infected file is: Vellum 3.0 CDROM:Vellum 3.0  Demo-Mac:Vellum
    The modification date of the file is 6/17/97


    Users should not run the  Macintosh demo version of Vellum.  Other
    versions of Vellum 3D on the disk, including those for Windows  95
    and NT, and  the Macintosh update  version (not the  demo version)
    are not infected and can be safely used.

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