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3Com Switches backdoor passwords

    3com switches


    Systems running 3com switches (CoreBuilder LAN and SuperStack II)


    Eric Monti  found following.   There appears  to be  a backdoor or
    undocumented  "access  level"  in  current (and possibly previous)
    versions of 3Com's "intelligent" and "extended" switching software
    for  LanPlex/Corebuilder  switches.  In  addition  to the "admin",
    "read", and "write"  accounts, there is  a "debug" account  with a
    password of "synnet" on shipped images (including those  available
    for download  from infodeli.3com.com).   The versions  of firmware
    this was tested under include 7.0.1 and 8.1.1.  The debug  account
    appears to have all the privileges of the admin account plus  some
    "debug" commands  not available  to any  other ID.   If you  allow
    "remote administration" (telnet access),  well you can change  all
    the  other  access  passwords  from  the  "debug"  account without
    having to know the old passwords.  So, someone can lock you out of
    your  switch  completely.   In  addition,  they  can  get  to  the
    "underlying  OS  shell",  which  looks  like  a  very fun place to
    completely screw  things up.   Mike Richichi  verified this  works
    with the Lanplex/Corebuilder 2500s  (all SW versions 7.x  and 8.x)
    and the  CoreBuilder 3500  (ver 1.0.0.)  and Jean-Francois Malouin
    on 3Com  LANplex 2500  (rev 7.15)  with Version  7.0.1-19 -  Built
    01/17/97 02:41:17 PM.

    Durval  Menezes  found  similar  story,  actually there is another
    "tech" user.  It works  om LinkSwitch  2700 and  CELLplex 7000 (so
    far tested).  The username is tech, as is the password.   Acording
    to 3COM advisory, situation looks like:

        CoreBuilder 6000/2500
        - username: debug password: synnet

        CoreBuilder 7000
        - username: tech password: tech

        SuperStack II Switch 2200
        - username: debug password: synnet

        SuperStack II Switch 2700
        - username: tech password: tech

    The CoreBuilder 3500, SuperStack II Switch 3900 and 9300 also have
    these mechanisms,  but the  special login  password is  changed to
    match the admin  level password when  the admin level  password is

    As we are sticking with these stuff, let's mention another  thing.
    You can for instance find on SuperStack II Switch 1000 (and  3000)
    that username  "monitor", with  password "monitor"  work for  you.
    This on the other hand is very well documented.  Users  "monitor",
    "manager" and  "security" are  factory pre-existent,  with default
    passwords equal to the account  name.   It's user's  obligation to
    change all 3 passwords  if he wants security.   This is valid  for
    every SuperStack management module/equipment.

    Netbuilder seems  to be  safe, but  there is  another way  to gain
    access to  a Netbuilder.   All 3Com  Netbuilders support  a remote
    command.   The remote  command comes  with RBCS  (Remote Boot  and
    Configuration Services)  and Transcend  Management Suite.   If you
    are root  on a  Netbuilder and  know the  address of someone elses
    Netbuilder you can remote to  their Netbuiler from yours and  gain
    root privelages.

    It might also be worth mentioning (Michael Mittelstadt as  source)
    that  the  enterprise  MIB  (at  least  for  the Corebuilder 3500)
    contains the passwords  and the snmp  keys for the  box.  If  some
    poor  sap  sets  their  SNMP  key  to  something  guessable  (like
    'public'), you can get the admin password and SNMP key with these:

        enterprises.synernetics.lanplex.lanplexSystemsMib.1.19.0 = "password"
        enterprises.synernetics.lanplex.lanplexSystemsMib.6.7.0 = "public"

    This  is  true  with  both  software  release  1.0  and 1.1 on the
    Corebuilder 3500.  And since it's the synernetics enterprise  MIB,
    this info might be on  other corebuilder and lanplex boxen.   With
    release 1.0 on the corebuilder, you may be able to reboot the  box
    by  sending  a  lot  of  UDP  traffic to it's administrative port.
    Running netcat against it it  will cause some 10 seconds  later to
    reboot.  rel 1.1 seems more robust.


    Customers should also immediately change the SNMP Community string
    from  the  default  to  a  proprietary and confidential identifier
    known only to authorized network management staff.  This is due to
    the fact that the admin  password is available through a  specific
    proprietary MIB variable when accessed through the read/write SNMP
    community  string.   This  issue  applies  only to the CoreBuilder
    2500/6000/3500  and  SuperStack  II  Switch 2200/3900/9300.  Fixed
    versions of software will be available from 3Com for all of  these
    products by 20th May 1998.

    Fix for  remote Netbuilder  vulnerabily is  under System  Options,
    Limit  remote  access  connections  to  a single station or single

     SHow -SYS RemoteManager
    Remote-In allowed from the following addresses:
         your.ip.subnet.here      your.ip.addr.here

    There are no backdoor passwords on the NETBuilder s/w.  The remote
    "back-door"  mentioned  here  has  been  fixed.   Access  to other
    NETBuilders using the Remote command has to be explicitly  enabled
    (at least from Rel 9.3 onwards).

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