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Netgear WG602v4 Saved Pass Stack Overflow
IS-2010-001 - Netgear WG602v4 Saved Pass Stack Overflow
IS-2010-001 - Netgear WG602v4 Saved Pass Stack Overflow

Security Advisory

IS-2010-001 - Netgear WG602v4 Saved Pass Stack Overflow

Advisory Information


Manufacturer: Netgear
Model: WG602v4
Firmware version: V1.1.0 (Europe)

Vulnerability Details
Buffer Overflow

Code Execution:

Public References:
Not Assigned

Successfully tested on:
Netgear WG602v4 loaded with firmware version 1.1.0 (Europe)
Other models and/or firmware versions may be also affected.

A stack based buffer overflow can be triggered by choosing an overly
long admin password.

A buffer overflow condition can be triggered during the authentication
process to the device web interface.
Such process is handled by function auth_authorize(), where password
saved in flash memory is used for validating submitted credentials, and
is copied into a fixed size buffer on the stack, without performing any
length check.
Buffer overflow can be triggered by saving an admin password longer than
128 characters and occurs at each authentication attempt before the
submitted credentials are validated, potentially allowing for
unauthenticated remote exploitation.
But, valid credentials are required in order to change administrator
password and save it in flash memory, hence, for vulnerability exploitation.
Password can be changed via a dedicated web page on the management
interface: client side restrictions present on on the password lenght
can be easily bypassed by an attacker.

Remote code execution with root level privileges.

Solutions & Workaround:
Not available

Additional Information
Available at http://www.icysilence.org 

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