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Bay Networks/Xylogics Micro Annex ELS, Annex 2000, and 4000 series Denial of Service

    Bay networks/Xylogics Micro Annex ELS, Annex 2000, and 4000 series


    Systems ruuning above


    Matt  Carter  posted  following.   You  don't  really  have  to do
    anything quite sophisticated to maje DoS.   All you have to do  is
    make multiple connects to listening  ports on them quickly.   Some
    sort  of  race  condition.   If  the  port scanner you're using is
    remotely efficient,  up it  goes.   Running proff's  'strobe' on a
    bay/xylogics annex will  result in instant  hanging of the  annex,
    leave it go for 30 seconds, then come back to the annex and you'll
    see load averages  near the 100%  mark.  For  the duration of  the
    strobe the device is rendered unusable.


    Nothing yet.

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