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SonicWall Pro DoS?

Came across an apparent problem on a SonicWall Pro running firmware 

version ROM version during a vulnerability assessment and 

couldn't find any other postings on this problem so fwiw.. the problem 

occurs when sending a large HTTP POST to the inside interface - may affect 

others just didn't test as the outside interface was blocked.  I was able 

to confirm this problem using two separate Nessus plugins (10012 and 

10687). The behavior of the firewall suggests a buffer overflow but since 

I'm not familiar with the internals of this system it's just a guess. 15-

20 seconds after sending the POST to the firewall the firewall goes 

through a reset cycle. This delay suggests to me a section of code that is 

being overwritten. At the very least, this is a Denial of Service problem. 

Vendor was notified of the problem.

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