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Cayman-DSL nmap scan crash



    Cayman-DSL Model 3220-H


    Karim Elmaizi found following.   He is running a Cayman-DSL  Model
    3220-H router with  GatorSurf version 5.6.1  (build R0).   When he
    uses  nmap  (from  command  line  or  through  nessus), the router
    crashes after a few minutes of the beginning of the scan.

    Serious Cayman problem?  Not half as serious as the default  setup
    on  some  (all?)  Cayman  DSL   routers,  which  come  with   such
    "features" as:
    * No administrative password set by default
    * A  mini  webserver....to  access the unprotected  administrative
    * Telnet that lets a person in without a password


    Nothing yet.

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