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Lexmark Optra PCL print drivers Blue Screen of Death

    Lexmark Optra PCL print drivers


    WinNT TSE


    Aaron Roma found following.   A number of Lexmark Optra  PCL print
    drivers, including the PCL drivers  for the Optra N, Optra  S, and
    Optra R series seem to  be causing Windows NT 4.0  Terminal Server
    Edition, to crash with a bugcheck.  When a print job is sent to  a
    printer  with  an  applicable  driver, Terminal Server immediately

    Aaron  was  able  to  reproduce  the  problem on the base Terminal
    Server (SP3), SP4, and SP5.  The drivers are from Lexmark's driver
    CD, version 4.22.


    Lexmark  has  found  and  fixed  problems  that  were causing Blue
    Screens in  Terminal Server.   These fixes  are contained  in  the
    driver package located on the Lexmark home page.

    Below are extremely detailed steps,  below, but the basic task  is
    very simple: using the package provided, add a Printer (Driver) to
    each Terminal  Server and  each Print  Server.   You don't need to
    remove any particular components,  or do anything special  at all.
    This will update the PCL driver  (which is common to all types  of
    printer)  on  these  systems  and  should address the current Blue

    Here's the updated  Driver package URL:   Filename -  MPWNNT5E.EXE
    (This package contains the driver  file for all Lexmark PCL  Laser


    In order to update the Servers, please follow these steps:

      Part I -- updating the Print Servers
        1. Copy the attached file (mpwnnt5e.exe) to each of the Print Servers.
        2. Log on as an Administrator.
        3. Execute  the attached  file, and  it will  expand itself to
           c:\lexmark\winntpcl and launch the standard Windows Printer
           Install Wizard.
        4. Select "My Computer" as the destination.
        5. Select "LPT1" as the port (it doesn't matter what port  you
           choose, really).
        6. When  you're  asked  to  select a manufacturer and  printer
           model, click on "Have Disk"
        7. From the combo box "pulldown list", select C:\LEXMARK\WINNTPCL\
        8. From the list that results, select any Lexmark Optra model.
        9. Select defaults for the rest of the Install Wizard dialogs,
           except elect not to print a Test Page (since you more  than
           likely don't have a printer on LPT1).
       10. When the Install completes, restart the system.
       11. Repeat steps 2-10 for each of the Print Servers.

    That's it.  At  this point you'll have  added one Printer to  each
    Print Server, and more importantly updated the PCL Driver on  each
    Server.  If you don't want that extra Printer Icon on the  server,
    you can delete the Printer Object associated with it  (right-click
    and select Delete).

      Part II -- updating the Terminal Servers
       1. Copy  the  attached  file  (mpwnnt5e.exe)  to  each  of  the
          Terminal Servers.
       2. Log on to the Console as an Administrator.
       3. - 10.  These steps are identical to steps 3-10, above.
       11. Repeat steps 2-10 for each of the Terminal Servers.

    As with the Print Servers, this will add a single Printer to  each
    Terminal Server.  And again, you can delete the Printer Objects if
    you choose.  It won't hurt anything, since the important thing  is
    that the Drivers are now updated (and since all of the PCL drivers
    share the same core files, you're  all set for all of the  printer

    After this point Users can perform Point-and-Print installs,  like
    normal, and we'd encourage  you to print the  "offending" document
    to verify that the Blue Screen no longer occurs.

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