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Apple.LaserWriter 12/640 PS

Release Date:  October 26, 2002
Product     :  TCP/IP Printer Configuration Utility for 
Apple.LaserWriter 12/640 PS
Vendor      :  Apple Computer, Inc. (http://www.apple.com)
Remote      :  Yes
Author      :  UkR-XblP (cuctema@ok.ru)/ UkR security team 

About :
TCP/IP Printer Configuration Utility is the installation 
and management software for 
Apple.LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer.

Device do not set a password for telnet access.  As a 
result, the telnet port will be
left exposed to unrestricted remote access. Remote users 
with malicious intent will
be able to access the device to cause a denial of service, 
or potentially monitor
printer activity to gather information that may be used to 
compromise systems. 

Set the telnet password manually after setup printer.
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