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MGE UPS Software Security Holes

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 23:46:39 -0700
From: Ryan Murray <rmurray@PC-42839.BC.ROGERS.WAVE.CA>
Subject: MGE UPS Systems

While on the subject of UPS software exploits, I have run across another one.

MGE UPS's (http://www.mgeups.com/) Solution Pac software firstly installs as
mode 666/777, which, although easy to correct, should be fixed.

Next, the programs, when starting up, create lock files in /tmp:

These files are created with mode 666, and ignore the current umask.
I sent a message to MGEUPS 4 months ago with this information, but have had no

If you are running the software, you may want to clear /tmp at boot, at least
for the lock files.  Otherwise any user can turn any file on the system to 0

Ryan Murray (rmurray@lightspeed.bc.ca, rmurray@bcit.bc.ca)
BCIT Computer Resources, Academic Services Student Proctor
BCIT Computer Systems Technology Student: Data Communications Option

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