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Alcatel ADSL Modem Speed Touch Home - portscan it and it crashes
22th Feb 2001 [SBWID-2066]




            Alcatel ADSL Modem Speed Touch Home

            Update : firmware KHDSAA 134 (988348), KHDSAA 132 (986865), 8706



            Gerrie posted following.  He found out that when you portscan  the
            ADSL  modem  it  crashes.   He  used  NMAP  and  tried  it locally
            -nmapping rfc1918 IP- and  also from outside nmapping  through his
            PPTP connection, in  both cases after  a while the  modem crashes,
            and the only thing he can do is reset the Modem.

            He tried to upgrade the firmware  but the problem stays.  He  used
            KHDSAA 134 (988348) and KHDSAA 132 (986865).

            This has been confirmed with NAT and without NAT.

            It seems using OS detection option in nmap will crash the box too.



            Nothing yet.

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