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D-Link DP-300+ crash via web interface
29th Jul 2002 [SBWID-5573]

	D-Link DP crash via web interface


	D-Link DP-300+



	In FX [fx@phenoelit.de] and FtR [ftr@phenoelit.de]  of  Phenoelit  Group
	[http://www.phenoelit.de]                                       advisroy
	[http://www.phenoelit.de/stuff/dp-300.txt] :

	By sending an oversized POST request to an existing  web  page  such  as
	/Config1.htm, the device web  server  dies.  A  process  appears  to  be
	listening on the port but will no longer answer requests.  Additionally,
	the print server reports an uptime of less then  one  minute  after  the
	attack, indicating that the software dies during this time.


	None yet

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