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Sniffing Administrator's Password in Symantec Firewall/VPN Appliance V. 200R

Users inside corporate network (LAN) are able to sniff
password by means of ARP poisoning.

To avoid this problem we tried to hardcode administrator's MAC
inside firewall's configuratión;

But this was not the solution, as there was possible to perform the
attack under this scenario too.

Is there any way to stop this arp-poisoning attacks against the
Our goal is to provide security not only for attacks comming from
but also for attacks comming from corporate's internal network (LAN).

We already contacted Symantec's Support but we got no solution from

Juan de la Fuente [jfc@robota.net]
Robota Seguridad (http://www.robota.net)
Area de Consultoria.
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