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Bypassing the Palm Desktop password

    Palm Pilot


    Palm Desktop Version 4


    Secret Ivan  found following.   He only  tested this  with version
    4.0 of the Palm Desktop software.  Palm allows you set a  password
    on the desktop software.  Without  a password you are not able  to
    view the data.

    There is a way to bypass and get rid of the desktop password.

    On an existing Palm Desktop make  sure the password is set.   Once
    it asks you for the password  you need to press Alt-F or  Alt-H to
    get the menu structure.

    Once you have the menu pulled down you navigate to Tools | Options
    and select the Security  tab.  Once there  you can uncheck the  []
    Require password to access the Palm desktop.

    Click OK and then cancel out and exit.  The next time you  restart
    the Palm desktop software the password will be gone and anyone can
    view your data.


    v3.1  seems  to  be  safe.   The  password  is  requested  @   the
    splashscreen, before the rest of the interface loads.  Alt-F  does
    nothing, and Alt-H brings up help, which explains what a  password
    is.   NOTE: This  may be  a modified  version.   It's the  updated
    Handsping  Visor  version,  but  it  still  has  the Palm Software
    branding all over.

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