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OpenServer 5.0.7 : OpenSSH: multiple buffer handling problems

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			SCO Security Advisory

Subject:		OpenServer 5.0.7 : OpenSSH: multiple buffer handling problems
Advisory number: 	CSSA-2003-SCO.24
Issue date: 		2003 October 1
Cross reference: 	sr884749 fz528324 erg712436 CERT VU#33362 CERT VU#602204 CAN-2003-0693  CAN-2003-0786 CAN-2003-0695 CAN-2003-0682

1. Problem Description

	 Several buffer management errors and memory bugs are
	 corrected by this patch. 
	 The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project 
	 (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the following
	 names to these issues. CAN-2003-0693, CAN-2003-0695,
	 CAN-2003-0682, CAN-2003-0786. 
	 The CERT Coordination Center has assigned the following 
	 names VU#333628, and VU#602204.

	 CERT VU#333628 / CAN-2003-0693: A "buffer management error"
	 in buffer_append_space of buffer.c for OpenSSH before 3.7
	 may allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code by
	 causing an incorrect amount of memory to be freed and
	 corrupting the heap, a different vulnerability than
	 CAN-2003-0695: Multiple "buffer management errors" in 
	 OpenSSH before 3.7.1 may allow attackers to cause a denial 
	 of service or execute arbitrary code using (1) buffer_init 
	 in buffer.c, (2) buffer_free in buffer.c, or (3) a separate 
	 function in channels.c, a different vulnerability than 
	 CAN-2003-0682: "Memory bugs" in OpenSSH 3.7.1 and earlier, 
	 with unknown impact, a different set of vulnerabilities 
	 than CAN-2003-0693 and CAN-2003-0695. 
	 CERT VU#602204 / CAN-2003-0786: Portable OpenSSH versions 
	 3.7p1 and 3.7.1p1 contain multiple vulnerabilities in the 
	 new PAM code. At least one of these bugs is remotely 
	 exploitable (under a non-standard configuration, with 
	 privsep disabled). OpenServer is not configured to use PAM, 
	 so is not vulnerable.

2. Vulnerable Supported Versions

	System				Binaries
	OpenServer 5.0.7 		OpenSSH Distribution

3. Solution

	The proper solution is to install the latest packages.

4. OpenServer 5.0.7

	4.1 Location of Fixed Binaries


	4.2 Verification

	MD5 (VOL.000.000) = f36194ca559c850794874f9c7a0b2a18
	MD5 (VOL.000.001) = 02b76bd551a0a95f2544b8999c6fbcbf
	MD5 (VOL.000.002) = 6818513c946dbcd43a3f34fc19ef79fc
	MD5 (VOL.000.003) = 8149c475968c3d7318eda33f30ce8045

	md5 is available for download from

	4.3 Installing Fixed Binaries

	Upgrade the affected binaries with the following sequence:

	1) Download the VOL* files to the /tmp directory

	2) Run the custom command, specify an install from media
	images, and specify the /tmp directory as the location of
	the images.

5. References

	Specific references for this advisory:

	SCO security resources:

	This security fix closes SCO incidents sr884749 fz528324

6. Disclaimer

	SCO is not responsible for the misuse of any of the information
	we provide on this website and/or through our security
	advisories. Our advisories are a service to our customers
	intended to promote secure installation and use of SCO


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