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Open UNIX 8.0.0 : BIND 9 Denial-of-Service vulnerability - Caldera Advisory CSSA-2002-SCO.24

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		Caldera International, Inc.  Security Advisory

Subject:		Open UNIX 8.0.0 : BIND 9 Denial-of-Service vulnerability
Advisory number: 	CSSA-2002-SCO.24
Issue date: 		2002 June 10
Cross reference:

1. Problem Description

	An assertion failure in BIND version 9 can be triggered by
	certain responses, leading to a denial of service attack.
	This security fix updates BIND to version 9.2.1.

2. Vulnerable Supported Versions

	System				Binaries
	Open UNIX 8.0.0 		/usr/sbin/dig

3. Solution

	The proper solution is to install the latest packages.

4. Open UNIX 8.0.0

	4.1 Location of Fixed Binaries


4.2 Verification

	MD5 (erg712061.pkg.Z) = 14427a77db777d8d630ca906b27d7582

	md5 is available for download from

4.3 Installing Fixed Binaries

	Upgrade the affected binaries with the following commands:

	Download erg712061.pkg.Z to the /var/spool/pkg directory

	# uncompress /var/spool/pkg/erg712061.pkg.Z
	# pkgadd -d /var/spool/pkg/erg712061.pkg

5. References

	Specific references for this advisory:

Caldera security resources:

This security fix closes Caldera incidents sr865147, fz521091
	and erg712061.

6. Disclaimer

	Caldera International, Inc. is not responsible for the
	misuse of any of the information we provide on this website
	and/or through our security advisories. Our advisories are
	a service to our customers intended to promote secure
	installation and use of Caldera products.

7. Acknowledgements

	The Internet Software Consortium discovered and researched
	this vulnerability.

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